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If you want some hair in stock and fast shipping in USA, please check the stock by conditions.Inventory is Only for Reference

Sorry, This Product is Out of Stock Now, Please Try to Select Other Products!

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1. If you have precise requirements on hair

Please try to select all options and submit to check.

2. If you don't buy a fixed required hair

Please not select all options to check, just see more similar wigs.

3. If there is only 1-2 in stock

Please place order ASAP to avoid it is sold out by other customers.

4. If you want is in stock

Please remember hair details, capture a screenshot to compare to avoid wrong purchase

5. If you want is not in stock

It means no stock in USA and need time to process, or in stock but ship from China.

6. If you don't need hair urgently

Please just buy what you want mostly without inventory reference

7. If any questions about inventories

Please contact us by livechat, email at, message at +8615803834514
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