2021 New Trends in Human Hair Wigs In Yolissa Hair

  Ready to get new looks for the new year? Yolissa Hair is here with all customers to pick up perfect human hair wigs together for the new year.

  1. Get New Trends Human Hair Wigs In New Year

  All the lovely girls, the new year is coming. It’s time to get a new human hair wig to welcome the new year. How to choose a perfect wig? What factors need to be considered when shopping for human hair wigs? Today’s article will show all the information about it. Please kindly read on.

     2. Typical Trends Of Human Hair Wigs Introductions

2.1 Lace Size

  According to lace size, most people will decide to choose lace wigs that have bigger lace sizes. Lace front wigs have wider lace width than lace closure wigs. Normally the width of a lace frontal is 13 inches long that can cover a human’s head from ear to ear. So a lace front wigs can show a more real and natural hair wig look.

lace closure wigs

2.2 Hair Texture

  According to hair texture, people normally like water wave, body wave, and straight. Classic will never go wrong. These three hair textures are all classic and each has an individual character. A water wave wig is active, a body wave wig is gentle, a straight wig is graceful. People always can find a look right for themselves.

body wave wigs

2.3 Hair Color

  According to hair color, natural black is the mainstream for sure. And 613 blonde and #27 honey blonde are the trends. Lustrous and cascades long black hair always is very charming and enjoyable. That’s why people always choose it. On the other hand, some young girls want themselves to be outstanding and bright in the crowd. They will usually choose to try some shining hair color wigs, like 613 blonde wigs or #27 honey blonde hair wigs.

613 blonde wigs

2.4 Lace Color

  According to lace color, the HD lace may become the mainstream. Because it can melt into any skin color. All the customers don’t need to choose lace colors when ordering. And HD lace also is thinner and breathable than other common laces. So HD lace wigs are loved by many customers.

hd lace wigs

2.5 Hair Length

  According to hair length, considering the seasons. It is winter now, long hair length may be more popular for people. Getting long hair length wigs can make people warm and fashionable. So the hair lengths over 20 inches are hot-selling.

long hair length

2.6 Convenience & Price

  Considering economy and practicability, headband wigs or T part wigs are great choices. These two kinds of human hair wigs have no lace. So the installations are more convenient and easier than other lace wigs. No matter headbands wigs or T part wigs, they are both easy to take on and off. These beginner-friendly wigs can save much more time for people in their daily lives.

  Besides, the prices of headband wigs and T part wigs are also more competitive and affordable for most people. Especially for people who are still students or people who have a limited budget.

t part wigs

     3. Where To Get A Perfect Wig?

  All the types of wigs as above, everyone can get them in Yolissa Hair store. As a vendor who has widely available hair products resources and experience, Yolissa Hair will never let customers down.