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How To Care For Your Brazilian Human Hair Weave

Wednesday, December 12, 2018 1:03:29 AM America/Los_Angeles

Brazilian Human Hair Weave is a famous type of hair which is one of the most popular products of nowadays.Brazilian Human hair extensions are soft, shiny and thick in quality. Also, gives you luxury feeling with no poor odor without shedding and tangle. However, we hope that you will take good care of your hairs.

Untangle Gently
Regular untangling can help keep your Brazilian Hair Extension looking gorgeous for longer. To untangle, segment your hair into three or four sections and then clip each of these segments. Concentrate on one portion of your hair at a time, and then comb the weave tenderly by using of shower comb or broad tooth.

Start with the base then come all the way right up to the track. Another great way to remove tangles is to use your fingers as opposed to brushes as the tangles often worsen if brushed. A spray detangler can also help remove tangles.

When shampooing makes sure your Brazilian Hair is not bunched up or piled on top of your head. This badly tangles hair. Instead of doing this, gently wash vertically in one direction only. Be sure to use a rather gentle shampoo and don’t skimp on the quality. If your extensions are sew in human hair weaves, you need to treat them like your own.

Don’t Dry With High Heat
To prevent dryness or frizz after wetting or washing, let the Human weave dry naturally. Do not blow dry. If this is not an option for you then you can dry it with an ionic hair dryer that has an attached diffuser as it won’t damage your hair. Also, use good quality straightening irons and curling rods. We recommend air drying your hair extensions.

Swimming & Exercise
Wash the hair immediately after swimming! When dirt and sweat accumulate, hair matters, tangles, and becomes unmanageable. Be sure to always wear a swim cap made of latex. Carefully comb out any tangles that may be present starting from the bottom and working your way up.

Never sleep on wet hair. Make sure your hair is completely dry before you go to bed. It is also recommended to wrap your hair together or gently tie it up to prevent tangling.

So these are some helpful tips for women, we hope that you will defiantly read all the instructions and maintain your Human virgin hair weave bundles good. The more you will care your hairs the more you will have the best high-quality hair product and assurance for your unique beauty.

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How To Make Your Brazilian Hair Extensions Perfect?

Tuesday, December 4, 2018 1:14:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

Brazilian Hair is most popular for the human hair consumers-most of them are Africa-American girls.And there are many textures for Brazilian hair weaves and hair extensions, straight, curly, or wavy etc.

No matter what type of virgin Brazilian Hair Extension you decide to you have in your hair, cheap Brazilian remy hair or other virgin Brazilian hair, we can provide you with basic hair instruction to properly learn how to care for your best Brazilian remy hair and keep them healthy and strong. Here now we introduce how to wash Brazilian Human Hair Weave and specific care tips for curly Brazilian hair for you:

How To Wash Your Brazilian Human Hair?
Use a shampoo specifically made for Brazilian sew in weaves. These shampoos help to keep detangling to a minimum, while also maintaining your hair's natural moisture balance. A good choice is Mane & Tail Shampoo and conditioner.

Run your head under warm water fully saturating your Brazilian hair. Apply a small amount of shampoo to a small bottle mixed with water. Shake the bottle so that the shampoo mixture is evenly diluted. Slowly pour your shampoo mixture along each track. Massage your scalp and track gently using the tips of your fingers. Avoid using your nails as this will damage your scalp.

Add more of the diluted shampoo mixture to the top of the sew-in-weave and work your way down. Gently use the palms of your hands and fingers to reach, wash under your sew-in by running your hands and fingers from the roots of your hair to the tips of your weave hair. This helps to move any dirt away from the scalp so that it can easily be removed and washed out.

Specific Brazilian Curly Hair Care
1:After you have washed your Brazilian remy curly hair extensions and it's slightly damped, separate it into small sections and either use a brush or a wide tooth comb to gently comb out each section of your locks. Spray your Brazilian curly remy hair now with a leave-in conditioner or curl activator solution. Regardless, your curls will naturally take shape so don't put very much product in your locks.

2:It is important to remember to NOT scrunch your Brazilian curly virgin hair with your hands to reform your curls. The reason why is because if you paid attention to our earlier posts, rubbing your hair against other sections of your hair result from breakage of your hair cuticles. Instead run your hands through small sections of your hair at a time, from your roots to your tips. It should be fairly easy since you've already gently combed your hair. If your hair isn't too wet, shake your damp hair back and forth to create more curl.

3:During this process, the goal is to prevent frizz and keep your hair healthy and strong. The best thing that you can do for your virgin Brazilian kinky curly hair is to mostly let it air dry and remember that heat is your enemy because it dries out your hair and creates frizz. Conditioning your hair daily with a daily hair conditioner will keep your hair hydrated and moist. However, you don't want to overdo it because your scalp and hair can become too oily. Deep condition your hair 3 to 4 times a month as well and it will help keep your extensions last a long, long time.

4:If you use your blow dryer with your diffuser set on low heat, your curls will also take form. Either way, keep the blow dryer set on a low heat setting and on low power. The worst thing you can do is damage your extensions due to overheating your locks and hurting your tips. Harm to the tips of your Brazilian hair products for curly hair creates split ends from breakage and lack of essential nutrients.

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Difference Between Brazilian Human Hair And Remy Hair

Tuesday, November 27, 2018 12:44:41 AM America/Los_Angeles

Brazilian Hair are worn by women worldwide and are in high demand. It becomes more and more popular among woman all over the world today.When it comes to real Brazilian Hair Extension many people assume that all hair types are relatively the same, such as human hair, Remy hair,no-Remy, virgin hair weave and so on.

First, let me introduce them simply:

1. Virgin hair is chemically unprocessed Brazilian Human Hair Weave, which is collected from a single donor. The virgin hair is Remy hair that has not been altered by dyes, perms, bleaches or harsh washes.

2. Remy Hair does not always mean virgin hair, in fact, it rarely means that. Although the two terms are used synonymously, they are completely different in meanings.

3. Non-Remy hair is very popular and is readily available as well. This hair has both the roots and the tips mixed up so that all the hairs are not running in the same direction. This type of hair undergoes the shaving off of the cuticles or sometimes the ends of the hair.

This reduces the possibility of friction between hair strands and as such allows the hair to remain tangle free as the name suggests. Non-Remy hair has undergone chemical processing.

4. Virgin hair and Remy hair both are 100% human hair. The difference is that the donor of Remy hair used to dye, perm or bleach his or her hair while the donor of virgin hair doesn't use any chemical products. And Remy hair needs to be rearranged but virgin hair always comes as it is.

Virgin hair is more precious and expensive, and it's the best product among all the hair extensions. But both of the virgin and Remy hairs are smooth, healthy with perfect shape and quality.

There are many doubts of hair users when they using the hair weave or hair wig, whether the hair is Remy hair or virgin hair, and someone also said that this hair is Remy hair, at the same time is virgin hair, too.

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Which One Does Brazilian Hair Or Malaysian Hair Choose

Saturday, November 24, 2018 12:44:49 AM America/Los_Angeles

Brazilian Hair and Malaysian hair are the most sought after hair products on the market. So Brazilian hair vs Malaysian hair, which one should you choose? Here are some hair knowledge of the two hair types which will help you make decisions.

Brazilian Hair
Brazilian hair donors do not undergo a spiritual ritual when donating their hair. Brazilian virgin hair is thick, soft, silky and naturally wavy. Brazilian hair is high quality Human Hair Weave that resembles the hair of many native Brazilians.

Malaysian Hair
Malaysian Hair Extensions are one of the most popular types of virgin hair used for Body Wave Hair on the market. Malaysian Hair has a silky texture and medium to high luster.

Brazilian Straight Hair Bundles
Brazilian Straight Hair is healthy virgin hair, it is the highest quality Virgin Brazilian hair on the market. Naturally straight hair pattern can be easily curled to any hairstyles you want. Brazilian straight is excellent for African American women, as it looks very natural, yet manageable. Our Virgin Brazilian Straight Hair is available in a natural off black color 1b and will last well up to a year with proper care and maintenance.

Malaysian Straight Hair
The texture of virgin Malaysian hair is typically straight but it may also have slight waves at the time it is collected from the original donor. Malaysian hair has a silky texture, it blends well with relaxed hair and is very popular among African American women.

Brazilian Wavy Hair
The natural-looking Brazilian wavy hair weave bundles are healthy and use best virgin hair, the virgin wet and wavy Brazilian hair extensions gives you full hair with lots of volume we suggest you go with 4 bundles deals of hair. The Brazilian quality wavy hair has great body and fullness and is wavy and light. Brazilian wavy hair bundles are durable and will hold its’ natural wavy pattern for long periods of time.

Malaysian Wavy Hair
Malaysian wavy hair can be considered heavy or thick while compared with Brazilian hair. It's extraordinarily silky and has a stunning natural shine. malaysian hair has a beautiful wave pattern that blends with medium and course textures. Malaysian wavy hair is top notch for African/Afro-American women.

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How To Match Hair Extensions With Your Hair Color?

Tuesday, November 13, 2018 1:06:07 AM America/Los_Angeles

Brazilian Hair Extension are the best-kept secret, you want to make sure your hair extensions look natural. Hair extensions should enhance your look and be the best-kept secret. With the right pair of extensions, no one will know you are wearing extensions-even if they feel your Brazilian Hair !One of the most frustrating parts of hair extensions is that we aren’t able to color match the amazing range of hair colors in person. There is something about being in natural light and holding the extensions directly up to your hair that makes it precise. For a beautiful, natural look, matching Brazilian Human Hair Weave to your own color. Here are some tips for picking the right colors for you.

This Ultimate Guide to Color Matching your hair extensions will share 5 tips to color.

TIP 1: Match your hair extensions to your ends of the hair vs. your roots. The ends of your hair will sit on top the extensions and they need to blend more towards the ends than the roots.

TIP 2: Be prepared to customize the color or tone. For most women, we got you! The color of your hair will be easy to match. But you know who you are the trend is your middle name or you really love having very multi-dimensional hair that is bayalage, somber, smudged, or ombre.

So for you be prepared that you might need to deposit some color to your roots. Also, if you like your hair to be very platinum or cool and ashy, you might need to tone your hair even further than what the hair arrives as.

TIP 3: Blonde opt for two-tone colors or rooted colors. Rooted colors are my jam! I love them because they are perfect for when your hair starts growing and your hair extensions are further down. This is especially true for blonde tape-in hair extensions!

These blondes typically have a low light color and a highlight color. This way, if your client isn’t an exact match to one color, their hair color can act as a bridge color. Additionally, most blondes have 3-4 colors of blonde in their hair so having more dimension makes your hair extensions look way more realistic.

TIP 4: The part of the extension that will show under your own hair when it is attached is the important match. Identify your hair color from the tip to the middle of the strand. The root portion of the hair tends to be a darker color and will be hidden once the extension has been secured.

Blending your hair on the bottom part is the most critical for a natural, real-hair look. The new-growth hair at the root will not make for a good match and the hair will not integrate as seamlessly with your own natural hair color.

TIP 5: When choosing a color to match your own hair, choose a color that matches your hair from the middle to the ends. Never choose the hair color of your "roots" as that tends to be a different shade.

The best color to choose for your hair will be the one that matches with the ends of your hair. We recommend to some of our customers to purchase 2 sets if your hair has multiple shades or more than 3 shades. Always match the Swatches to the ends of your hair.

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What is the difference between Remy Hair and Virgin Hair?

Wednesday, November 7, 2018 1:19:19 AM America/Los_Angeles

There are many doubts of hair users when they using the hair weave or Brazilian Hair Extension, wheather the hair is remy hair or virgin hair, and some one also said that this hair is remy hair, at the same time is virgin hair, too. So how we can find the different of remy hair and virgin hair ?

Remy Hair does not always mean virgin hair, in fact it rarely means that. Although the two terms are used synonymously, they are completely different in meanings.

virgin hair, it must meet rigorous standards including: not been permed, dyed, colored, bleached, and chemically processed in any way. This also means it comes from a single donor, and all the cuticles are intact, running in the same direction. Brazilian Hair can last up to a year with proper care and maintenance. When it comes to virgin Indian hair, you have to care for your extensions just like your own Brazilian Human Hair Weave. You need to brush your hair frequently. You need to shampoo and condition your hair regularly, especially if you use a lot of hair products. Deposits from the hair products, if not washed off on a regular basis, can degrade the quality of the hair and combined with the use of heat can affect the smooth natural feeling and behavior of the virgin hair.

Remy Hair Extensions
Remy human hair extensions actually describe the quality of hair used to make up the particular extension. This hair is of the highest quality and comes from a single donor, which ensures consistency in texture. Also, the hair cuticles are intact, in one direction and consists of cuts which are the same length. This provides a smooth texture and allows the hair to last longer and style more naturally. So although all Remy hair is Virgin hair, not all Virgin hair is Remy hair.

Non-Remy Hair Extensions
Of course, this hair comparison would not be complete without mentioning the ever popular, non-Remy human hair. Non Remy human hair is a happy medium between high quality, Virgin Remy hair, and lower quality hair such as synthetic or Yaki. These type of hair extensions generally undergo a chemical treatment in order to produce a particular color or texture in the hair. This destroys the cuticle, which drastically shortens the life of the hair extension. The source of this hair is difference as well and consists of the “leftovers” found in salons, brushes and other places. This means hair will flow in different directions and eventually lead to tangling.

Virgin Remy hair last longer and is much less likely to tangle than non virgin Remy hair In a nutshell, all virgin hair is Remy but not all Remy hair is virgin.

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How To Take Care Of Your Brazilian Hair Extension

Tuesday, October 30, 2018 2:20:38 AM America/Los_Angeles

Brazilian Hair Extension are a woman’s perfect partner. Extensions are great when you are looking to add volume or change up your hairstyle. To keep them for an extended period of time, you need to take care of them like your natural hair.

Here are a few suggestions to extend the life of your investment:

1: Do not wear your Brazilian Hair extensions without wearing a satin or silk scarf when sleeping or going to the gym.
Covering your hair when you go to bed or engaging intense exercise helps to maintain moisture and reduces tangles.

2: Do not over wash your hair extensions
Just like your Brazilian Human Hair Weave, your extensions do not need to be washed daily. However, it is essential to keep your hair moisturized. Shampooing and co-washing your hair twice a week will suffice.

3: Do not dye or bleach your hair extensions often
Unless you are experienced using color, it is recommended to consult with your professional hairstylist when bleaching or coloring your hair. Bleach and dyes are taxing on natural hair, so you want to minimize how often you apply chemicals.

4: Comb your hair extensions after removing them
Always remember to brush or comb your hair extensions before and after. A wide tooth comb and paddle brush are the best tools to use with your hair extensions.

5: Keep the hair extensions in a box, satin bag, or hang them prior to wearing them and after they have been removed
Always remember to store your hair extensions away after you have removed them. Trouser hangers are an excellent way to store them in addition to using a satin bag.

6: Minimize the use of heating tools
Whether it is your natural hair or extensions, it is always preferred not to use heating devices like a curling or flat iron because they take away moisture from and causes breakage. If your style requires a little heat, make sure to use a heat protectant.

7: Trim your hair extensions to keep them looking new
Your human hair extensions need trimming, just like your natural hair. Trimming prevents split ends and keeps your extensions looking refreshed.

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Which Hair is Better Brazilian Vs Peruvian Hair?

Tuesday, October 23, 2018 2:12:17 AM America/Los_Angeles

Coming to the concept of hair extensions, women often tend to get confused regarding the quality and the type of Brazilian Hair that will portray immaculate and impeccable gorgeous looks. One of the most and highly opted hair extensions in the market has been virgin hair extension. Known to be the best type of human hair, the most popular virgin human hair extensions are Brazilian hair and Peruvian Hair.

The side-splitting thing is that both the types of hair extensions are so amazing and stylish that women get confused on opting any one of it for a bewitching look. People tend to get confused and feel that the formulations of hair extensions are all the same, which is not the case. Different types of Human Hair Bundles have different features, different origination, and the entire outlook of the extension depends who can pull it off.

Brazilian Hair –
One of the most selected and highly opted by fashionistas, Brazilian hair is highly durable, lustrous and is quite versatile. It easily blends with natural hair and can be classified into different patterns. From straight, wavy, curls to kinky curls, Brazilian hair extensions come in different colors and length. It is quite voluminous as does not require much of the bundles for pulling off a note-perfect look. You need not perform special maintenance on this hair. Proper care can make it last upto a year and a half.

Peruvian Hair –
Peruvian hair is the type of hair that can be styled effortlessly. It has incomparable softness and lightness. It is silkier but thicker and has more traction in terms of texture compared with Brazilian and Indian hair. The lustre ranges from low to medium. It naturally grows straight, wavy or curly. It usually comes in natural colors of dark or light brown and rarely in slightly blonde shades. When using Peruvian hair extensions, you can use multiple bundles and still notice that it is light-weight and easy to style. Also, Peruvian hair extensions can easily be used on relaxed African-American hair and Caucasian hair of medium textures.

Well, it actually depends upon your requirements. Confused! Let’s guide you! If you are looking for the best hair extension that is thicker and coarser, we suggest you go for Brazilian hair extension. Again, if you are seeking for soft wavy hair, Peruvian hair suits the best. It actually depends on the hair texture and style that you possess and which hair extension will beautifully compliment your entire look. So, we are sure, you are going to weave a beautiful natural crown with the best extension that suits your fashion statement.

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How To Choose Suit Your Own Wig

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 2:15:16 AM America/Los_Angeles

Human hair wigs are classy and natural it is hard to spot the difference with real Brazilian Hair. They come in different lengths, styles, color, bang type, and even lace type to suit every lady who wants to look sassy and different. If you are looking for wigs made of Peruvian Hair, here are the options available for you.

These human artificial hairpieces come in three distinctive styles; straight, curly, and wavy. The straight Human Hair Bundles flow all the way to your neck or shoulders. They can be layered, part at the middle or include an oblique bang around the face. You can even have a fringe if you desire one, and this gives you a new unique personality you did not have.

The curly women wigs can be long or short as well. The short wigs reach the neck and have flowing curls that look natural and attractive. They can have a side bang or an inclined bang or fluffy bang depending on what style you are going for. The curly human hair pieces can also be ultrashort to look like a fluffy Afro. They are perfect if you want to flaunt your long neck as well. The longer curly wigs come in the same exact styles as their shorter counterparts; only that they flow all the way to your shoulders.

Lastly, the wavy human hair lady wigs have subtle curls on them. You can almost say they are a perfect blend between curly and straight human hairpieces. They can be elegantly long and fluffy or exquisitely wavy with a long side bang to tease.

Prices The quality of hair and the style affects the price of the human hair lady wigs. The straight wigs are way cheaper because no extra styling is required on them. Price for the straight wigs will only differ on how long or short they are. The curly and wavy human lady wigs are the priciest because of the extra styling required to give them their curls and waves.

The quality of human hair the wigs are made of also speaks to their pricing. Lady wigs made from Brazilian human hair tend to be more expensive. Brazilian human hair will also fetch a relatively high price when used on the lady wigs. It all depends on the popularity of the human hair used; Indian hair tends to be more popular,because Indian hair is lower than Brazilian hair.

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How To Choose Best Hair For You?

Friday, October 12, 2018 2:16:11 AM America/Los_Angeles

With a beautiful hairstyle, you can looks more confident and charming, and you can have a good mood all day. How to choose the best Brazilian Hair for you, there are some instructions you can follow:

1.Choose the hair texture and length suitable for you.

When you choose the hair texture, it depends on your own hair density, if your hair is thin, you can choose curlier hair, such as curly , kinky curly texture. If your own hair is full, you can Human Hair Bundles, and body wave texture. And it’s also depends on your face shape, choose a suitable hair texture can makes you looks more exquisite.

2.Choose the hair color can match with your own hair.

It’s very important to choose right color Human Hair Weave, because the right color hair can blend with your own hair and seamless. Right color hair can reflect your complexion more healthy. The best way is to do a color test during day, daylight will reveal all the shade.

3.Use top quality human hair.

Top Quality human hair can make many styles and can be dyed, bleached, and long longevity. It was collect from healthy young girl, the hair is more soft and shiny. Bad quality hair is easy tangle and shedding, and maybe a big smell, it’s easy frizzy, and you can feel itchy if the hair is too much chemical processed.

4.Choose a reputable salon with the person hold certificate.
After you choose your own hair weft, the final step is fitted them on your head. It’s very important to choose a skilled person, because if the hair weft didn’t fit on your head properly, it can damage your own hair and you can feel headache.

All in all, different people is suitable with different hair weft and different hairstyle. All above mentioned hair care tips can help you choose the best hair, proper maintenance will increase the longevity of your hair. And when you remove the hair weft, it may takes several weeks that your own hair density feel normal.

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