New Hair Trends

As a professional wig supplier, Yolissa hair not only has own factory to produce many classic wigs, but also follows the fashion trends to develop new wigs, and tries the best to bring different kinds of beauty to our lovely customers. There are more than 30 new wigs in different textures, lace sizes, and colors developed which can meet the various needs for customers. All girls can find her favorite and suitable new style wigs here to make you stand out from the crowd in 2023. Girls, are you excited?

Now follow us and let's take a closer look.

1. 4C Hairline Wigs

4C hairline wigs

4C Hairline Wigs are popular because they have hairlines that look like they grow naturally. It comes in four different textures: straight hair, body wave, deep wave, and curl. No matter which one you order, you'll get a natural curl-looking hairline without curling it by yourself. Also, you can choose the length of your choice from 16 inches to 24 inches, and all of these are in the 13x4 lace area, so girls who like large lace areas please don't miss it. What's more, Yolissa Hair has an exclusive discount for you. Using 4C30 can help you save $30 when you check out, which is affordable!

2. Ready & Go Wigs

Ready & Go Wigs is another kind of new hair. Compared to 4C Hairline Wigs, the area is relatively small, and just 5x5 lace, but it also has its' own advantages, such as pre-cut transparent lace, bleached knots, and thin hairline. Pre-cut transparent lace is that Yolissa Hair warehouse staff will help you cut the frontal lace of hair when they process it. When you receive hair, there is no need to trim it with tools, and you can wear it more quickly. As for knots, Yolissa Hair will also help you bleach them first before shipment, and the thin hairline will make the hair look natural on your head. Then you can pls choose a wig from 10 inches to 30 inches without any skills to install, which saves a lot of time and effort for beginners or those girls who want to wear wigs quickly to do other things!

3. Other New Arrival Wigs

New arrival wigs

In addition to the above, yolissa has some other new coming wigs. For example, the Pastel Pink Balayage Body Wave wig is the most popular of Yolissa Hair's new arrivals, and it has a pink highlight to make girls more pretty and gentle. Also, it has Ombre body wave wigs, Orange body wave wigs, and other kinds of highlight wigs that you can browse the Yolissa Hair site to see detailed info. These new wigs can help girls or ladies find a new style of hair that her love, And they're in different styles, and attractive around people.

In a word, every new arrival hair has its unique features. Come and found the one for you to lead new trends in 2023.

Custom wigs

Besides, Yolissa hair also provide the service of high-end private custom wigs at an affordable price. Tell us what your needs, we can personalize wigs for you. Wearing such an exclusive wig, you will get unique beauty. If you have fresh ideas, do not hesitate to contact Yolissa Hair.