New Year Sale

The new year is coming soon, are you ready? The festive atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger. The new year is a new beginning of everything and a good wish for the coming year. People usually buy new things, such as clothes, delicious food, or some decorations. Of course, the new wig is also indispensable for the New Year. One new human hair lace wig will give you a brand new look and make you have a good mood at the beginning of the new year, Yolissa Hair also launched a new year discount, come and take away your New Year's human hair wig!!!

Yolissa Hair New Year Discount:

Over $399, $60 Off, Code: NY60

Over $299, $40 Off, Code: NY40

Over $159, $20 Off, Code: NY20

New Year Sale

Since it is the new year, it must be the latest human lace wigs, Yolissa Hair has recently launched a lot of new arrival wigs, come and have a look.

(1)Pink Balayage On Brown Hair Wigs

Balayage hair wig is a new hair color that has become popular recently. Unlike the traditional highlight wigs, it is only a few strands of looming existence, with less obvious regrowth. A few soft pinks and some gold highlights blend in nicely with the overall hair color, also making the wig looks very natural. The body wave texture makes the wigs look fluffy and fashionable. Pink itself is a very beautiful, very soft color, and a pink highlight wig will bring you unique beauty.

There are 5x5 Lace and 13x4 Lace, lengths from 14-30 inches for different needs.

Pink Balayage On Brown Hair Wigs

(2)Burnt Orange Wig Layered Cut Medium Length Straight Wigs

Layered wigs will bring different visual effects in length and volume. Long hair will look longer than it is, and short hair will look shaggy. Hair is arranged into layers, with the top layers cut shorter than the layers beneath. It is a new style, short layers of hair are perfect for framing your face and allow for a natural transition between long and short layers. The overall look of this wig is structured, but not obtrusive.

There is a burnt orange wig layered cut medium length straight wig in Yolissa Hair store, lace is 5x5 and length from 18 to 22 inches, and the customer could use NEW10 to get an extra 10% off for this human lace closure wig.

Burnt Orange Wig Layered Cut Medium Length Straight Wigs

(3)Caramel Honey Blonde Balayage On Brown Hair

A brown wig is a good idea for the new year, but solid brown or black might look a little drab, but adding some highlights on brown or black hair can make a big difference, it would be a perfect, vibrant color. warm honey blonde balayage on brown hair wigs, colors blend well, pre-plucked with natural hairline, it will add points to your New Year's look.

Length from 14 to 24 inches, also could use NEW10 to get an extra 10% off.

Caramel Honey Blonde Balayage On Brown Hair

(4)4C hairline wigs

Type 4C hairline wig also can be called kinky hairline, or curly edge wigs. It refers to a wig that has natural afro kinky baby hairs. It's also a new trend for hairlines, from a distance, the 4C hairline wig has a very thick hairline, but if you look closely, there are very tight coils on each strand, natural curly baby hair around hairline like nature growing. It makes people look younger and cute, a real age-reducing human hair wig, and people could wear it directly and needn’t to brush it like before.

There are different curly patterns for 4C hairline wigs, such as straight, body, curly and deep. Different curly patterns bring you different looks. Most importantly, the customer could use 4C30 to get an extra $30 off for this wig.

4C hairline wigs

2023 New Year, New Look!

Come and pick out your New Year's human hair wig at Yolissa Hair!!!