Hi everyone!

We all know well about 360 lace wig now. 360 lace wig is pre-sewed with 360 lace frontal & bundles. But have you ever heard of 370 lace wig?

What is 370 lace front wig? It’s an upgraded version of 360 lace front wig, combines the advantages of 13x6 lace front wig and 360 lace frontal wig. 

 370 wig

Compared with 360 lace front wig, the 370 lace wig comes with deeper parting space (6inch parting space in front) . Compared with 13*6 lace front wig, the 370 lace wig comes with 360° lace frontal (2inch at back) .

Why choose 370 lace front wig? More Advanced Features of 370 lace front wigs:

>>>More natural look:

6 inch deep and wide part brings a natural hairline and baby hairs, your don’t need to worry the weft will be shown on the edge. You can even add baby hair around the edges to give an added realistic appearance.

>>>The wig can be part any way as you like:

You can part your hair in nearly every way. The wide and deep lace part gives the illusion of your scalp, which runs the whole length of your hairline, your part will look natural however you style it. Doing a center part or deep-side part,there is no limitations when styling.

>>>The wig can be style like your own hair:

The other front wigs and closure wigs are limited about the hairstyle cause the bundles part. With this wig, except the normal hairstyle, you can also pull your hair back into a half-ponytail or full ponytail or up-dos.

>>>180% density in affordable price:

When you choose the wigs, what factors are you considering? Would you consider the price? If you have the time when you want to try the full lace wig, but after checked the price, you gave up. Now the 370 wigs in 180% density come up, with the large lace part and affordable price. Pls don’t miss.

Welcome Yolissa Hair, and choose the suitable wavy 370 wig for you!