Hi girls,

There is human hair and synthetic hair on the market. Why we choose human hair? Because the quality of the hair matters with the scalp health. Though human hair is more expensive than synthetic hair, it worths the coins.

6 Things That Girls With Human Hair Wigs Should Know

No matter the human hair wigs or lace frontals or lace closures, they all come with soft lace. The wig cap is made with breathable lace and paddy good fabric. Wearing human hair wig, our scalp can breath well and won’t get too much stress. Besides, while synthetic hair is processed with chemical, human hair is original without any chemical damage. It avoid extra harm to our scalp. Girls, human hair is a good investment to your beauty and health. To maximize the investment benefits, here are the 6 things you must know and do.

1. Right Water Temperature

Wash your lace wigs or hair bundles with lukewarm water. The most suitable temperature is 15° to 30. If you wash the human hair with too hot water, it will damage and dry it out. If you wash it with cold water, the hair can’t be soaked thoroughly, resulting in hair look without life. To avoid shorting the longevity of the human hair and decrease the beauty of it, please wash it with lukewarm water.

2. Wash by Hands

While you soak the human hair on the water, please rub your hair gently with your hands.

Don’t use other hard tools to wash it. Harsh behavior will make the hair shed a lot. If you want avoid extreme hair shedding, you should treat it like your own hair, washing it with your hands patiently.

3. Air Dry

No blow dryer and heat after first washing of the hair. Use a towel to absorb the water on the hair and then air dry it. Your human hair will be more soft and shinny.

4. Store in ventilated condition

Preserving your human hair in a ventilated way is the right choice.

Many people like to store the wig or hair bundles in a box. In fact, it’s not good for the hair to be fresh. Human hair needs to get moisture from the hair. Enclosed space may accumulate the drying of the hair.

5. Use Wooden Wide-tooth Comb

Wooden comb not plastic comb should be used with human hair. Wooden comb can avoid too much friction. Therefore, human hair won’t get too much flyaway. And wide-tooth comb will not lead to shed when comb the hair.

6. Tie Down at Night

Protecting it with scarf or bonnet at night if you want to sleep with it. Not only much friction can be avoid, but also moisture can be preserved. Before you tie down it, you should braid the hair or put it in a ponytail according to the hair texture. You can please add the silk bonnet to cart when you buy human hair.

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