Wear and go wigs

Are you still spending hours customizing and installing a lace wig? Are you still tired of glue allergies? Are you still concerned about glue damage to the hairline? Now it is time to say goodbye to those problems. Yolissa Hair’s beginners-friendly wear and go wigs can make those problems in the past tense! 100% glueless, pre-cut lace with natural hairline, no glue no gel to avoid allergic, you can just wear and go.

Wear and go wigs

What’s Wear And Go Wigs?

Wear and go, just as it is called, it is beginners friendly, which is quick and easy to wear, just put it on your head, then you can enjoy your new hairstyles. The wig is 100% glueless and super comfortable to wear. The elastic band is sewn into the lace closure wigs, which makes the wig secure enough. And the 3D dome cap is breathable and offers good ductility. The pre-cut lace and pre-plucked hairline make it quick and easy to install, it only takes 3 seconds to wear, even you are a newbie. All of those features make wear and go wigs beginner friendly and also perfect for everyday wear!

Wear and go wig

Why Choose Wear And Go Wigs?

1.Pre-pluck Natural Hairline, Pre-cut Transparent Lace, Bleached knots

When we install human hair lace wigs, you must admit that it is not easy to do those customizations like pre-plucking the hairline to look more natural, bleaching the knots to make the lace invisible to the skin, especially if you are not a professional stylist. So wear and go wigs are your perfect choice. You don’t worry about ruining the wig when you are not good at customization. You can wear those wear and go transparent lace wigs in 3 seconds and no skills are needed, a must-have for wig beginners and busy girls.

Pre-pluck wig

2.100% Glueless

Most of the human hair lace wigs need to be fixed with glue to secure the wig because of the ear-to-ear hairline, but it is not friendly to those black girls who have sensitive skin. Glueless wear and go wigs appeared, a good solution to avoid glue or gel allergies, it can protect edges well, and you can install the lace closure wigs without any glue or hairspray, which keeps your scalp free from chemical damage. You can not only enjoy a natural looking but also feel very comfortable.

Glueless wig

3.3D Dome Cap with Sew-in Elastic Band

Now wear and go wigs are made with 3D dome caps, which is better than the normal wig caps. 3D dome caps are made of stretchy and breathable materials, which make you feel very comfortable even you wear the wig every day. There is no bulging on top, which makes your hairstyles more realistic and natural. Besides the sew-in elastic band is a bonus, which can double secure the wig for daily wear.

3D lace cap wigs

Okay, now you must have good knowledge about wear and go wigs. In a word, wear and go wigs are beginners friendly, easy and quick to install, also save time and are more convenient for daily wear. And wear and go wigs come in different textures and colors, no matter whether you need it in straight wigs or curly wigs, or in blonde wigs or colored wigs, you can choose according to your preference. Why wait? Come and shop Yolissa Hair new glueless and beginner friendly wear and go wigs.