Brazilian is one of the most popular textures right now! The hair has a medium coarseness. This makes it very easy to blend with many textures of hair. The luster is very natural looking.

Brazilian hair have 9 type,loose wave,body wave,straight,curly,deep wave,funmi,clip-in hair,loose curly wave,kinky curly wave,among loose curly wave is a more special new style;From the name point of view, I believe many women are considered by the loose wave and curly these two waves, in fact, is not, loose curly hair is composed of deep wave and curly wave;It's structure than the wave of hair special, why do you say that?Because loose curly hair the top part of the head is deep wave, hair tail is curly wave.

Brazilian Loose Curly Hair

Does this wavy hair wear strangely?of course not,it's very natural and loose style hair extension;Owing to this natural and relaxed style, it is loved by many African black women.