Can I Sleep With A Lace Wig

Are you in a hurry when you want to put on a lace wig every morning? You may feel so anxious after you wake up. Want to be beautiful wearing a lace wig but do not want to reinstall the wig every day? It has been a very universal and nerve-wracking problem among wig lovers. You love the lace wigs, while you hate the process of installing the wigs. Then the question came out, can I sleep with a lace wig?

The answer is definitely: Yes, but you should know some details to protect and decrease the damage to your wigs when you wear them to sleep.

sleep with a lace wig

Here are some tips:
A: Detangle your hair with your fingers or a wide-teeth comb
Before you go to bed, it is good to brush your human hair wig thoroughly. Comb gently with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb, which will save you a lot of time in the morning.

B: Apply moisturizer or styling lotion to your wig evenly
The moisturizer and styling lotion can keep the hair hydrated the whole night. It will lead to a long-lasting, refreshed-looking wig.

C: Braid your hair to a loose ponytail and Wear a satin or silk cap or bonnet
It is easy to cause a lot of friction when you sleep with the wig on your head. The friction is quite harmful to the hair. Braiding hair in a ponytail loosely and wearing the satin or silk cap can prevent or significantly reduce the friction between hair and pillow.

D: Use a silk pillowcase
Silk pillows are soft and silky. There are seldom frictions happening. If you use a cotton pillow, the friction between your head and the bed pillow could ruin your lace wig.

E: Brush the wig and eliminate any tangles or knots in your morning
Even if you follow the above requirements exactly, the tangles and knots may not be avoided when you wake up. It is equally important to brush your hair and remove the knots at night and in the morning.

F: Buy an alternative wig
Only one wig is far not enough. You should have at least two human hair lace wigs. While you sleep with one of the wigs, let the other one rest, deep care, and keep it in good condition for a longer lifespan.

tips of sleeping with wig

What do you think of the suggestions above?
Human hair lace wigs are more expensive than other material wigs. It is vital to learn how to care for wigs and make them last a long time. If you follow these tips to protect your hair from friction damage, you can feel free to sleep with your human hair wig on your head. Nothing is more important than enjoying a relaxed sleep at night and a leisurely morning.

Wear and go wigs

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