Can You Curl A Straight Human Hair Wig?

Human hair wigs make you look gorgeous and natural, but wearing the same hairstyle for long periods can be boring, so you might want to try something new and fashionable.

Straight human hair wig, they are cut from donor. Like our own hair, you can curl a straight human hair wig to achieve a cute new style without having to spend extra money on a curly hair wig. But you have to take into consideration the proper method to get a good result and maintain it.

1. Detangle and CombYour Human Hair

No matter what method you use to curl your human hair, detangle and remove all the knots is the first and essential step. You should use a wide-tooth comb to comb, start at the bottom, then middle, then top.

Can You Curl A Straight Human Hair Wig?

2. Wash Your Human Hair

Always be sure to wash your wig before styling and use products that aren’t heavy on the hair, this will put too much weight on the curl. And please attention, ensure that it has completely dried, then curl it. Never apply heat to wet hairs. It would be more vulnerable to heat damage and make hair burned or fried.

Can You Curl A Straight Human Hair Wig?

3. Use Right Tools and Products

1) . Curling Iron

Using a heat protectant first to make sure the hair does not get heat damage. Heat will make hair dry and also damage the inner structure of the wig. The heat protectant can construct a line of defense against heat damage.

Start with low heat and higher the temperature slowly. 400 degrees Fahrenheit is Maximum, don't go above that. Please control the speed within the appropriate range to create long-lasting curls and reduce the damage to the wig.

Dont apply heat for too long. The longer you use heat, the greater the damage! For we recommend no more than 10 seconds. It is enough to create a curl.

Can You Curl A Straight Human Hair Wig?

2) . Use Rollers

Rollers are a better method to make the curl. It will not need to apply too much heat. You can choose the shape and size of rollers you want, and place them at the end of the hair and wind the hair till the wig head. Then use a blow dryer and apply heat to rollers, make it on a warm setting level. After you remove the rollers off, you can get a curl looking after combing.

Can You Curl A Straight Human Hair Wig?

Notice: If your hairs are human hair lace wigs, make sure the curling iron and hairdryer are away from lace. Or the lace will be damaged.

4. Apply hairspray

Also, because it’s human and not synthetic, it might not hold a curl for a long period, as the body wave. Be sure to maintain the style regularly. You can apply plenty of hair spray to hold the style. It is also helpful to avoid heat damage from re-curling.

Can You Curl A Straight Human Hair Wig?

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