Clip In Hair Extensions On Sales

  Hi girls, tired of hair wigs? How to try the new hair products - clip-in hair extensions.

  1. What Are Clip In Hair Extensions?

  Clip-in hair extensions are for people who want to add their hair volume and hair length to daily life. Clip-in hair extensions have several different hair textures and hair colors. Depending on your own hairstyle, you can opt for the most similar one to match. Why you can choose clip-in hair extensions? There are some advantages of them as below for your references:

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1.1 Protect Your Own Hair

In this way, people can elevate their hairstyles freely, no need to do physical or chemical treatments. Using clip-in hair extensions no only can help you have more beautiful hair, but also can protect your own hair from damage.

1.2 Easy To Apply

People usually take some times to install a lace front wig or lace closure wig. Now, it is easy to apply for clip-in hair extensions. Just need some practice, everyone can apply them at home by themselves in a few minutes.

1.3 Affordable Price

  Compared to human hair lace wigs and other hair products, clip-in hair extensions have more affordable and competitive prices. Most people can afford them, getting beauty is no longer a luxury.

1.4 High-Quality Hair Material

  All the clip-in hair extensions in Yolissa Hair are 100% human virgin hair that can offer people a natural and durable look. And these clip-in hair extensions are also easy to maintain, people only need to take some time in daily care.

    2.How To Wear Clip In Hair Extensions?

The method of applying clip-in hair extensions is easy and quick, it is a good way for people who want to add hair volume and hair length to their own natural hair. Then, below will briefly introduce how to wear clip-in hair extensions, please kindly check for references.

2.1 Prepare the suitable clip-in hair extensions

  Firstly, people need to have clip-in hair extensions that can match their original hair colors and hair textures. It will look more natural after completing the whole installation.

2.2 Brush the clip-in hair extensions and your own hair with a clean wide-tooth brush

  Brush and remove the snarls from the clip-in hair extensions and your own hair. People need to get clean and dry hair with tangle-free.

2.3 Section off a layer of hair and clip up the rest of the hair.

Using a tail comb to make a clean horizontal part across the scalp. Then use some hair clips to secure the hair above that part.

2.4 Start to apply for the clip-in hair extensions

  Start to apply for the clip-in hair extensions and adjust them to the right position. After finding the right position, people can clip down them to attach the weft to the natural hair.

2.5 Blend the natural hair with the clip-in hair extensions

  After clipping down all the clip-in hair extensions, release the human natural hair and blend them together.

2.6 Look at a mirror and check the whole look

  After completing the whole installation, find a mirror to do a final check. If the whole look doesn’t look natural, people can restyle the hair with a straightener or curling iron. Finally, people can use a blow-dryer to set a hairstyle for themselves, and it can help to get a perfect final look.

    3. 6 Different Colors Of Straight Clip In Hair Extensions With 14-22 Inches For Flash Sale

  Yolissa Hair has opened a new flash sale promotion for all customers who want to buy clip-in hair extensions. There are 6 Different Colors Of Straight Clip In Hair Extensions With 14-22 Inches for your choice. Six different hair colors include #1, #4, #27, #613, #12/613, #4/27.

  The flash sale will available in this week, all these clip-in hair extensions are at half price now. Every color of these clip-in hair extensions costs as little as $32.99. Don’t miss this time, come and get them!

  Note: All the clip-in hair extensions for flash sale only ship to United State.

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