4C hairline wigs

Nowadays, wearing a wig is becoming a choice for many girls, and it is an overwhelming trend. People can show their beautiful features and choose wig styles according to their needs. When people pick up the wig, they may also consider the hairline, which is also an important consideration for customers in choosing a suitable human hair wig. 

Today, let us talk about baby hair on hairline.

Baby hairs are the finer, shorter pieces that sit around the edges of people's hairlines. They often have a slightly different appearance from the rest of your hair. For decades, styling baby hair has become an outlet of creativity for a majority of Black women, and it is becoming mainstream and loved by many women. Styling the baby hair can help modify people’s facial shape, and make their faces look small and much more beautiful and dedicated. It is also a feature of beauty and gives people a youthful appearance and mind. In recent years, purchasing human hair wigs with baby hair is an overwhelming choice of most customers.

As a professional hair manufacturer, Yolissa hair processes and customizes hair according to customers' needs and the trend of the times. All of our human hair lace wigs come with baby hair. For the wig with baby hair, it can make a more natural look, and as the baby hairs are growing from the scalp, and give a smooth and natural transit to the wig and people’s forehead, and create a flawless natural hairline. And now, Yolissa Hair has two different kinds of hairline.

1. Normal Hairline

Normal hairline

All the lace frontal and lace closure wigs are pre-made with baby hair. Generally, the baby hair of normal edge hairline is in straight texture, no matter which hair textures people order. For the water wave wigs and curly textures, the baby hair is straight as well. About the lace front wigs and the lace closure wigs, we made the pre-cut baby hair in the hairline part. After people get the hair, they can style the baby hair according to their needs to match the hair texture or their makeup. And they can brush the baby hair into swirls, and waves. If they are unwilling to style the baby hair, they can comb them flat or backward and let them melt with other hair. There is no ruler on how to style the baby hair, and customers can do it according to their specific preferences. Customers can also cut more pieces and shape them to achieve the most beautiful effect.

2 . 4c hairline

4C hairline

In recent days, there is a new trend for the curly hairline, named 4C curly hairline. As one of the tightest curl patterns, the 4C hairline will make the wig look more realistic for some people with naturally curly hair, and it seems that the baby hair is glowing from their scalp. For the 4C hairline wigs, we tie the curly short baby hairs around the hairline. The baby hair can curl up naturally, and there is no need to brush or use any glue to fix them anymore. And it gives a natural transition of the lace to people’s foreheads.

For now, Yolissa Hair can provide lace frontal wigs with 4c hairlines in many textures, like the straight, body wave, deep wave, and curly on the website. If people need the water wave or Yaki straight lace frontal wig, they can also contact us, and we can customize it for them.

4C hairline wig

Girls, are you attracted by the new 4C edge hairline? If so, please do not hesitate, you can make the order as soon as possible. Yolissa Hair has $30 off discounts which can apply to all lace front wigs with a 4C curly hairline. Come to our website, choose the texture, and length you need, then make the order by enjoying the discounts, and then you show your beauty and lead the trend.