Featured Water Wave Wigs in Yolissa Hair


  Today the star product in Yolissa Hair of this article is the water wave wigs. Come and see it!  

  1. Introduction Of Featured Water Wave Wigs

  The water wig is our store characteristic product, has many loyal fans. Why is it so popular? The water wave wigs can keep in good selling such a long time for several reasons:

1) Featured Hair Curls

  These hair curls are called water wave for a reason, as the shape of the curls is just like its name, the wave is like the water ripples that is not as tight as curly and also not as loose as loose wave. Most people would like their hair loose and high, getting a water wave wig can help add a little volume and let the girls appear more gentle.

2) High Quality

  All the water wave hair wigs in Yolissa Hair are made of 100% unprocessed virgin hair. That means all the water wave hairs are processed by physical methods, do not add any chemicals, are 100% natural hairs. Please do not worry about the quality of our products and our service.

3) Easy To Maintain And Style

  After having a water wave hair wig, you not only just can enjoy the original water wave style but also could do other more different hairstyles, like changing other hair textures or hair colors. Water wave hair wigs can satisfy you to change many different hairstyles.

Besides, normally a water wave wig under proper care can last at least one year.

highly recommend water wave wigs

   2. Four Major Types Of Water Wave Hair Wigs

Water wave hair wigs normally can be divided into four major types:

1) Water Wave Lace Front Wigs

  Lace front wigs have a bigger lace area than other cheap lace wigs, the width of lace normally can cover the whole forehead of a human from ear to ear. Lace front wigs including 13x4 lace front wigs, 13x6 lace front wigs, 360 lace front wigs, 370 lace front wigs, etc.

2) Water Wave Lace Closure Wigs

  Lace closure wigs are a little different from lace front wigs. The biggest difference is the area of lace. Lace closure wigs normally have less lace than lace front wigs, the width of lace will be short and it normally can not cover the whole forehead. Because it is shorter, the installation of lace closure wigs will be easier and more convenient. Typical lace closure wigs normally including 4x4 lace closure wigs, 5x5 lace closure wigs, 6x6 lace closure wigs, etc.

3) Water Wave Cheap Wigs

  Most cheap wigs have little lace or no lace, so the price will be cheaper and more affordable than other normal lace wigs like lace closure wigs and lace frontal wigs. Cheap wigs including headband wigs, lace part wigs, U part wigs, etc.

4) Water Wave Colored Wigs

  As we said above, water wave hair wigs can accept multiple different hair colors, including #27, #613, #99J, Highlight, etc. Come on and make your winter colorful.

water wave lace wigs & headband water wave wigs & colored water wave wigs

   3. Four Hot-Selling Water Wave Hair Wigs

  Some people may still don’t know which one to get, then we will introduce below four hot-selling water wave hair wigs to you for your references:


long 13x4 water wave lace front wigs


water wave #27 lace front wigs


water wave headband half wigs


water wave #613 lace front wigs

     4. Buyers Photo Reviews

  Because of the high quality and beautiful appearance, water wave hair wigs always receive amazing photo reviews from our lovely buyers. In order to thank you for all the loving support, Yolissa Hair launched a new activity: share your beauty, get cash back, or free bundles. I warmly welcome you all to attend this activity.

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