Get A Colored Lace Part Wig For Winter In Yolissa Hair

The colored lace part wig is growing rapidly in popularity and even becoming one of the first wig choices for some people. So what is the lace part wig? And why does it become popular? Today I will show you all the information about the colored lace part wig, please kindly read the below content for references.

  1. What Is The Lace Part Wig?

  With the special change of the international situation, there are fewer long lace frontals on the market this year. Because of the long colored lace frontals’ temporary shortage, most long colored lace front wigs in our store are also in low inventory or momentarily out of stock. Like 99J lace front wigs only have 8-16 inches in stock now, and the stock of #27 lace front wigs are also getting low.

  In this case, I suggest you can consider trying on a colored lace part wig, the lengths of it can reach 30 inches, and the price of the lace part wig is also more affordable and competitive than other common lace front wigs.

  A lace part wig normally is made by a hand-tied lace part and 100% virgin human hair bundles. It doesn’t have as much lace part as other common lace frontals that can cover the human forehead. A lace part wig only has a seam laying in the middle of the head, and its depth is 4 inches. So the installation of these lace part wigs is also more convenient and easier, can help you save time effectively. You only need to put it on your head directly, use adjustable straps at back to set the position properly, and secure it with combs tightly. The final step is to cut the extra lace, no need to bleach, and no need for glue, it is considerably user-friendly.

construction of a lace part wig

 2. Typical Colored Lace Part Wigs Recommendations In Yolissa Hair

  Above introduction, believe you for lace part wigs already have a certain understanding. Then I will recommend some amazing beautiful colored lace front wigs in Yolissa Hair to you.

1) 99J Burgundy Lace Part Wigs

  99J is a kind of warm color in winter, we have two kinds of colors about it, #Light 99J and #Dark 99J. Besides, we also offer six different hair textures of these 99J burgundy lace part wigs for customers’ choices, including straight, body wave, water wave, deep wave, curly, loose deep. Various hair textures and charming hair colors, which is a perfect match!

 99J burgundy lace part wigs

2) #27 Honey Blonde Lace Part Wigs

  #27 honey blonde is not as shining as 613 blonde, it looks more gentle. Every girl can become a princess after wearing it. The fresh colors let you temporarily forget the tedious winter, be a happy sunny girl!

 #27 honey blonde lace part wigs

3) #4 or #6 Lace Part Wigs

  #4 and #6 both belong to the brown set, #6 looks a little lighter than #8, two colors can reflect two different feelings after installing. Customers can choose freely depend on their skin tones and personal preferences. And I think both colors are very good for everyone.

 #4 or #6 Lace Part Wigs

4) 1B and 99J Body Wave Lace Part Wigs Combo

  Wigs combo sale is a new promotion activity in 2020 which means you can buy one to get two, three, or even four wigs in one order. Lace part wigs also have participated in this special activity. Like 1B and 99J Body Wave Lace Part Wigs Combo, all the customers can get one 1B lace part wig and one 99J lace part wig in the same hair length and same hair texture. One order can get two colors of lace part wigs, what a great deal!

 1B and 99J Body Wave Lace Part Wigs Combo


5) #27 Straight + #19 Body Wave Lace Part wigs Combo 

  As the above said, this is also one of the lace part wigs combo. You can get one #27 straight lace part wig and one body wave lace part wig in the same hair length. One order can get two different hair colors and hair textures of lace part wigs, sound great, isn’t it? Don’t be hesitating, come and get it!

 #27 Straight + #19 Body Wave Lace Part wigs Combo