HD lace vs Medium brown lace vs Transparent lace

Wigs have attracted more and more attention, but for many wig lovers, it is still not clear what is the difference between wigs made of different lace materials, such as HD lace, medium brown lace, transparent lace, and so on.

Today’s article will help you get more differences between the above three different lace wigs.


  • What is HD lace?
  • What is Medium brown lace?
  • What is Transparent lace?
  • What is the difference between HD lace, Medium brown lace, and Transparent lace?

What is HD lace?

hd lace

hd lace

HD lace is also called Swiss lace, which is a new type of material and is currently the highest quality lace. This kind of lace material is the thinnest, softer, and more gentle than ordinary lace. When HD lace is applied to the wig and fits the scalp, you will find that the hairline is the same as usual, it will fully blend into your skin. It looks very real and natural.

HD lace is very suitable for people with a declining hairline. The soft and natural effect will bring them confidence, and will not hurt and stimulate the scalp like other inferior materials. It will only give you the most comfortable wearing experience. Another thing to tell you is that this wig is a pre-bleached knot, which can perfectly blend with all skin tones, and it also reduces some burden on you.

What is Medium brown lace?

Medium brown lace is made of a lace front, machine-made wig cap, and 100% unprocessed human hair. It should be noted that the color of this lace is modeled after the color of your scalp, not your skin tone. So before choosing to buy this lace, please separate your hair and check your scalp color, so that you can buy the right lace product.

The lace color of this material is also light brown and dark brown, you can choose according to your scalp color. If you have a darker scalp but use light brown lace, it is recommended that you use a pen to darken the color so that it fits more naturally.

What is Transparent lace?

transparent lace

transparent lace


 A transparent lace wig means to sew the wig into the front of lace with 3 or 4 bunches of human hair. Depending on the width of the lace, you can choose a 13x4 lace front wig or 13x6 lace front wig. The color of this lace is transparent and cannot be detected by people, so it can also be called an undetectable transparent lace. It can cover your forehead well and create a natural hairline for you. Also, this lace wig is pre-bleached, so you can omit this step yourself.

 transparent lace

What is the difference between HD lace, Medium brown lace, and Transparent lace?

The most obvious difference between HD lace, medium brown lace, and transparent lace is the color of the lace. The color of HD lace is high-definition and transparent, which is perfectly suitable for skin of any color. It will create the effect of naturally growing hair without being noticed by others; the color of medium brown lace is medium brown, which is better than the other two laces. The color of the lace is darker, if your skin tone is lighter, then this place is not suitable for you, because the color of lace is darker than your skin, it will form a contrast and make people noticeable; the color of transparent lace is It is transparent and will not change your original scalp color when worn on your head. You can wear a transparent lace wig regardless of your skin color.

Both HD lace and transparent lace can create natural hairlines, which are both light and breathable. In contrast, medium brown lace is not so natural and true to the hairline of some people.

Compared with the other two laces, HD lace provides a closer look at everyone's skin. It is so thin that it can be completely melted into our scalp, making it imperceptible. Due to its relatively light and soft texture, HD lace will not irritate our scalp and make it itch. But it should be noted that it is precise because HD lace is lighter and more delicate, so it needs more maintenance to avoid lace tearing caused by improper operation.

Compared with the other two wigs, HD lace is more refined and high-quality, the standards and technology used will be higher, and the production cost will naturally be higher. When you choose which lace texture, also consider whether your budget is sufficient. Generally speaking, for wigs of the same type and density, HD lace is the most expensive, followed by transparent lace, and finally medium brown lace. If your budget is sufficient, we recommend that you buy HD lace wigs, because this wig has more uses and can fit perfectly and naturally for people of any skin tone.

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