Hairstyles And Wig Trends In 2022 Spring

Spring, as the transition season between winter and summer, is coming, the most pleasant season many people like. Unlike the frigid winter or hot summer, the temperature in spring is much more delightful. There is no need for people to stay indoors with the heat on. As we know, sunlight is the best remedy! Go outsides, breathe the fresh air, enjoy the moderate sunlight and get off the tiredness of a whole winter.

With the flower blooming, grass and plants turning green, don’t you want to see this colorful and wonderful world? Now, let’s plan your spring travel! Please do not forget to take Yolissa Hair human hair wigs on your trip.

Body Wave Wig

With the "S" wavy texture, the body wave lace wigs make people look sexy. The body wave human hair wig textures are all made with steam without any chemical liquid added in the production process. It’s more healthy when people wear it. For the HD body wave hair wigs, the HD lace is much thinner and can melt with all skin colors. No matter what a little darker or lighter people’s skin colors are, the HD lace wigs are the perfect and suitable choice for them. People can just choose the 5x5 closure wig or 13x6 lace front wigs, 13x4 lace frontal wig based on the lace sizes people prefer. The length from 16-30 inches are all available, people can just pick up the length.

Hairstyles And Wig Trends In 2022 Spring

613 Wig

Have you envied the blond girls? Now you needn’t, as Yolissa Hair can offer the 613 lace frontal wigs to meet your needs. For the 613 hair, we can offer 613 lace closure wig, 613 frontal wig. And for the textures of the transparent lace front wig, we can offer the straight, body wave, crimped deep wave. Wearing the 613 lace front wig, show your beauty and confidence.

Hairstyles And Wig Trends In 2022 Spring

Headband Wigs

If people are hurrying to go out, human hair headband wigs are the top choice for them, no glue, no lace, the headband wigs are ready to use. People can just twist or wrap their hairs, can put on the headband wig, and do a little adjustment. The cheap headband wigs come with velcro, so people needn’t be afraid of the wig size. People can just adjust the velcro according to their head size. Also, the texture is rich, straight wigs, body wave hair, curly wigs, water wave wigs, loose deep wave wigs. Quick installation, ready to use make the headband wig popular among customers. The other attraction of the headband wig is the favorable and affordable price. You can get great quality human hair wig at a not high price, which makes people every pennyworth.

Hairstyles And Wig Trends In 2022 Spring

In spring, please do not forget to care the wigs.

As the temperature is a little dry in Spring, there will be static electricity, which may make the hair look frizzy. Hair care is also necessary.

1) please apply the moisturizing spray to the hairs when you comb it in daily time, which can make the hair moisturized.

2) Shampoo the hair regularly. People should wash and condition their hair twice a week if the wig is used frequently. As the hairs are lack nutrition that received from the natural scalp before after cut from the donors, people should supply the nutrition to the hairs. Hair oils, like Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Argon Oil are all people’s options to make the hair more healthy and sleek.

3) Do not heat or style the human hair wigs many times. Human hair can be restyled, while frequent processing will cause an effect on the hair. People should also use a heat protectant before styling the wigs or flat iron. Do not use the temperature too high when using heat. 350F degrees below is highly recommended.

4) Please put or stock the hair in a neat and dust-free place. When people wear the wig for the trip, please treat the wig like our hair. When taking off the hair, people should place the hair carefully. People can put the wig in bags or wig stand. Do not mess up the hair casually.

Hairstyles And Wig Trends In 2022 Spring

If you haven’t purchased new human hair, please come to the Yolissa Hair store and buy it for the spring. People can get a lace front wig and closure wig by enjoying a favorable and competitive price. With the tax refund sale, we can offer 6%, 7%, 8% discounts based on people’s order values. We also set the buy one wig get one free sale for the hot selling HD lace wigs, and people can get a random free wig. Please do not miss the big sale.