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  It is already summer. Summer is a season that always hot and dry. Many people are going to spend the summer with a new summer hair wig.

  1. Get A New Flash Sale In Yolissa Hair

  In order to give thanks to the most loyal customers and new customers, Yolissa Hair is doing a special promotion of a new flash sale.

    2.Straight/Curly Headband Bob Wigs At The Lowest Price On June.24th

  What kinds of hair wigs are suitable for summer? A perfect summer wig needs the following characteristics: breathable, easy to wear, easy to maintain.

  Yolissa Hair offers straight/curly headband bob wigs in 10-14 inches, the price can lowest to $35, only on June.24th. Yes, this flash sale will last only for one day. Besides, these flash sale wigs can be shipped in 24 hours to the US.

   Headband Bob Wigs

      3.Buy The Specific Combination Of Hair Products To Get A Better Price

Buying one flash sale hair wig is already affordable for most people. But only one flash sale wig, people can’t use the coupons. If people buy this flash sale headband bob wig and one other hair wig, they can get a better price. Currently, it is the Independence Day Sale:

6% Off For One Wig

7% Off For Two Wigs

  Independence Day Sale

  Customers can choose to buy one flash sale wig with the below typical hair wigs to get additional benefits:

3.1 Water Wave Wigs

  Water wave wigs are special wavy wigs. They have a special shape of curls. The water waves are like water ripples that are full of ups and downs. Most people prefer their wig look to be loose and high. Water wave wigs can help add a little volume and let the girls appear more energetic.

1) water wave 13x4 lace front wigs

  13x4 lace front wigs are typical lace wigs that have 13 inches wide lace frontals. Every 13 inches wide lace frontal can cover a human’s forehead from ear to ear. In this way, every woman can have a whole and complete hairline, a real and natural wig look.

2) water wave 13x6 lace front wigs

  13x6 lace front wigs are similar to 13x4 lace front wigs. The main difference between these two lace front wigs is 13x6 lace front wigs have 6 inches deeper parting space than 13x4 lace front wigs for style versatility achieved.

3) #27 honey blonde water wave wigs

  Getting a new hair color is also a good choice to welcome summer. #27 honey blonde hair color is one of the easiest matching hair colors for all ages. It is gentle and warm to help people get a graceful look. 

water wave wigs

3.2 HD Lace Wigs

  HD lace wigs have ultra-thin, ultra-premium laces with seamless blending capabilities which can match all skin colors perfectly. This is a high-definition lace wig that is suitable for summer. People can feel more comfortable, breathable, and cooler after wearing it. HD lace will also take people to the new height, wear an HD lace wig confidently without the fear of having the lace shown. It is also a perfect choice for any occasion, for wedding, graduation, parties, working, daily wear.

 HD lace wigs

3.3 613 Blonde Wigs

  613 blonde wigs with a bright, shining hair color that can give a splash of color throughout the summer. Young girls create more colorful straws for their youths by wearing 613 blonde wigs. 

  613 blonde wigs

3.4 Headband Wigs

  Headband wigs are new arrival wigs that are easier to wear than other regular lace wigs. Only need to take two minutes to complete a whole installation of a headband wig. No need to use glue, just use some clips and adjustable straps to secure.

  Best of all, by buying one headband wig and one flash sale wig, people can get an extra 8% off. What a great deal! Come and shop in Yolissa Hair.

Headband Wigs