Do you want to have an everyday new look in your daily life? Only one headband wig and various headbands can help you achieve this. Let’s read on.

Headbands Half Wigs With Various Headbands

1. Introduction of Headband Wigs

  The headband wig is also named as a human hair half wig. As it is different from other lace wigs, it doesn’t have lace on, only has a breathable elastic net cap covers 3/4 of your head, and the rest part is covered by the silk headband.

What about the installation of headband wigs? Don’t worry, only need 5 steps, 2 minutes, you can complete the whole installation. The headband wigs are beginner-friendly wigs, you need to worry about the hairline anymore after wearing it.

Introduction of Headband Wigs

2. Available Textures and Colors of Headband Wigs

Yolissa Hair has many colorful hair color choices for you except common colors like natural black and 613 blonde, including #017, #018, #019, #4, #6, #99J, ginger, #dark 30, etc.

  Besides, about the hair textures, we also have multiple choices, like water wave, body wave, straight, loose deep, deep wave, curly, yaki straight, etc.

  If you need other styles which are not available in our store, you can please contact us, we also offer customized services, we will reply as soon as possible once we get the messages.

3. Various Headbands

  There are 22 optional different colors headbands in our store after you buy one natural color headband wig, you can get a chance to choose the one your favorite headband. Then we will send it free with the headband wig as a gift for you.

  Besides, for some special style, like colored headband wigs and headband wigs combo. If you buy one of the above headband wig hair products, you can get seven pieces of different headbands randomly as a free gift from us.

  What’ more, as we are under Halloween promotion now, buy one headband wig you can get more two pieces Halloween headbands for free randomly.

Various Headbands

Various Headbands

4. Headband Wigs Combo

  As the darling of the new era, headband wigs also join in our wigs combo promotion. Now we have three available headband wigs combo in Yolissa Hair. You can buy one headband wigs combo to get two different headband wigs or two different hair wigs.

1) 613 Lace Closure Wig + #019 Highlight Headband Wig

2) Two headband wigs in different hair textures

3) Straight Headband Wigs + Body Wave U Part Wigs

Headband Wigs Combo

  Buy one headband wigs combo, you can get seven pieces of different headbands as a free gift.

5. Promotion Code of Headband Wigs

As the main product in our store, we launched some discounts, especially for headband wigs. Now buy one headband wig in Yolissa Hair, you can get an extra 6% off with code “HEADBAND”.

6. Headbands in Bonus Buy

  Of course, other hair wigs in Yolissa Hair are also amazing, like U part wigs, lace wigs, lace part wigs, etc. If you buy one another hair wig in Yolissa Hair and also want to have a headband, you can buy it in bonus buy on the “checkout” page. There are total 32 types of headbands in different styles and colors, you can kindly choose the one your favorite.

Headbands in Bonus Buy

Headbands in Bonus Buy