Highlight Hair Wigs VS Ombre Human Hair Wigs

When people are willing to switch their style or external look, altering their hairstyle will be a good solution. Wearing a human hair wig is a trend among people, as there are plenty of colors, textures, lengths, and styles for customers to choose according to their needs. Nowadays, hair production technology is improving quickly, and more colorful human hair lace front wigs occur to meet the new demand of customers. The colored hairs are becoming overwhelming. If people are used to wearing natural black wigs, and solid colors, like the 613 blonde, honey blonde, and brown color, don’t you want to try some colored human hair wigs, like the ombre color and highlight colors? Before trying on a new colored wig, people may be confused about the two colors, as they are both colored wigs. How should we distinguish the two colors? Today, we will give a brief introduction to the two colors and hope it will be helpful for you to choose the suitable colors.

1. Highlight Wigs

Highlight wigs are also wigs with two-tone colors, while the two colors are mixed from the whole top to ends. Usually, a few strands of the wig are dyed and colored. The base color of the highlight wig is dark, like the natural black or brown color, and a lighter color is applied to the dark color, and as the highlight color. The two colors blend seamlessly and make the whole wig look more attractive.

Highly Recommend Highlights Wigs

1). Exclusive Original - Brown With Blonde Highlights Wig

When people talk about highlights, the top color that comes to mind first is 613 blonde highlight. People can apply blonde highlight on natural black color, brown color, honey blonde color, and even some light colors. Brown wig with blonde highlights, also called P4/613 wig, is the top hot-selling wig in Yolissa Hair. As the exclusive original color, it becomes the top pick among customers once it is launched and leads the highlight wig trend. Come to Yolissa Hair and pick one wig that belongs to you.

 Brown With Blonde Highlights Wig

2). Dark Brown With Honey Blonde Highlight Wigs

Not as bright as the P4/613 highlight wig, the #4/27, dark brown with #27 honey blonde highlight wig, is suitable for customers who prefer darker colors. With two colors mixed well, this warm highlight wig is a great choice for people who are looking for a wig for vacation. The sun-kissed color can make people sexy and charming. About the highlight colors, there are straight and body wave textures. Customers can pick the one they like. As for the lace size, 5*5 lace closures wigs and 13*4 lace frontal wigs are available.

Dark Brown With Honey Blonde Highlight Wigs

2. Ombre Wigs

Ombre means shadow in French, and forms mutual shadows through the transition of different colors. When applied to hair, the ombre means a gradient and dramatic hair coloring effect that the hair colors will transfer from the roots portion to the bottom. It is coordinated between the colors, and they can blend well. About ombre human hair wigs, all the hair at the bottom is processed or bleached and colored into a lighter shade than the roots, so in most cases, the roots portion of the wig is darker than the bottom portion. Sometimes, the root color is lighter than the bottom, and it is also called reverse ombre. Generally, there are two different colors in one wig. Sometimes, there are three or more colors.

Highly Recommend Ombre Wigs

1). #27 Honey Blonde Ombre Color With Dark Roots

As its name indicates, 27 honey-blonde color looks like sweet honey. The sweet color is not as shiny and too blonde as the 613 and also is not as dark as the brown color, 27 Honey blonde is the middle color. This color is pretty gentle and warm, and it can let ladies look more elegant and graceful. As a dreamy warm color, the #27 honey blonde wig is always popular among customers. Yolissa Hair can provide the honey blonde color with black and brown roots. With the ombre dark roots, the wig will be more attractive. People can choose different root colors to achieve the style they like.

 Honey Blonde Ombre Color With Dark Roots

2).Ginger Brown Ombre Human Hair Wigs

Autumn is coming, the leaves are turning into wonderful and colorful landscapes. Do you have any thoughts on changing your hairstyle to accommodate the colorful season? Customers may have tried some rich shades, like the chocolate colors, and chestnut colors. Have you ever tried an ombre color for the autumn? If not, you should have a try for this ginger ombre wig. With natural black roots, this ombre wig mixes with ginger brown colors at the lower part, which makes the hair more suitable for the autumn. Similar to the color of deciduous leaves, this ombre color can make the style more softer and warmer. About the hair, we can offer the length from 14-26 inches. Customers can choose the hair length according to their height, shape and the effect they want to achieve.

Ginger Brown Ombre Human Hair Wigs

Have you decided which color to try? No matter which color you want to order, the ombre color or the highlight wig, they are both pleasant and attractive colors. People can pick the one they prefer to try based on the desired look they want to achieve. Please come to Yolissa Hair to find the one you like.