Highly Recommended Wigs In Summer

Summer is here. Have you prepared the wigs for the hot summer? Some customers may ask which hair they should buy and wear in the hot temperature. Today, Yolissa Hair will provide several suggestions and hope people can pick the correct and lovely human hair wigs.

1. Choose lighter colors
When people need to wear a wig in summer, it is better to choose lighter colors, because lighter colors don’t absorb the heat as much as dark or black colors. A lighter color can also give people a cool and refreshing feeling. Pick a light color to keep yourself cool.

613 blonde wig and the pink balayage highlight wig

613 blonde wig and the pink balayage highlight wig
613 color is light in color, and it’s not easy to absorb the heat. This character and its gorgeous color make it very suitable for the summertime. For the 613 blonde wigs, we can offer the straight, body wave, water wave, and crimped textures, so people can choose one they like. Besides, the highlight colors are also popular among customers during the summer vacation. This pink balayage on brown hair wigs body wave wig features pink highlight on the brown color, and people can feel the youthful vitality and positive attitude when wearing it. Such an attractive color, don’t you want to try it?

2. Pick a shorter length
Ordering a shorter wig is a good way to switch up people’s looks and stay cool for the hot months. One short lace front wig or middle-length hair is light in weight, and short in length, and they can give people a neat feeling all the time. As the human hair wig is short, there is not much stress on people’s heads, and the heat in the head can be gone through fastly so that it can keep people cold. When wearing short wigs, people can let the hair keep off their back, which can also avoid and reduce the heat generated between the hair and the back. Besides, the short or middle-length wig is low maintenance.

short wigs

Short curly and short body wave wig
Body wave texture is loved by many customers due to the flowing hair texture, and its character of easy to style. The short curly wig, with its tight curls, is also one of the top picks of many customers. About the hair lengths, we can offer 14-18 or 20 inch, people can consider the looking and the length they want to achieve, and choose the length according to their needs.

3. Consider the hair texture 
In the hair market, there are plenty of hair textures, straight, body wave, and many kinds of curly textures. Sometimes, it’s different for people to choose. Water wave texture, when, and where is always the most popular style. To order a water wave wig, you can’t go wrong. In summer crowds, the water wave style is always so attractive.

water wave wigs

Water wave wig
Yolissa Hair can offer water wave wigs from 14 inch to 36 inch. The densities are various. Customers can pick the 150%, 180%, 200%, or 250% density according to their needs. In the summer, choosing a short or middle lengths is recommended. Generally, the 180% density is suitable for a short or middle-length wig. And people will also feel lightweight, natural, and cool when wearing the short or middle lengths.

4. Try the ready and go wig
On hot days, people may install and remove the wigs much more often than on cold days. About the lace frontal wigs, and some lace closure wigs, people have to use some glue to secure the lace, and it’s complicated to remove the hair every day. The ready and go wigs can solve this problem. The new ready and go wig is made with a 3D dome cap, and sewn with adjustable and removable straps, which can make the cap size fit people’s heads well, and people can wear this wig glueless. Pre-cut lace and pre-plucked hairline will also help to use the hair directly without other processes. People can wear the hair within 3 seconds, then 1 second to remove it. When people feel hot when wearing the wig, they can remove the hair fast, without any other effort. Now, Yolissa Hair has a 50% off sale for all the ready-and-go wigs, and customers can seize the change and prepare the wig in advance.

We hope the above information can help customers choose a suitable human hair lace wig in summer. Yolissa Hair has set a special discount for the wigs on the website. Come to our website, and pick an appropriate human hair wig.