How Can I Protect Hair Wig from Sun Damage

The summertime is the best time for people to go outside and enjoy the summer day, and people look forward to going to the beach, swimming, take cycling in the summertime. When people go through a fun time, there may be some unexpected anxiety, such as the negative effect caused to hair wig by the overwhelming sunlight.

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We know under sunlight exposure, the hair can receive the ultraviolet rays directly, with the
the combined action of oxygen and ultraviolet rays in the natural environment will lead to an oxidation chemical reaction, which can change or damage the construction of hair strands. Outside hair layers and the cuticle will be damaged with this oxidation reaction, and the hair color will turn gray, brassy, or red. Meanwhile the nutrition and the moisture inside will be lost, the real hair wigs will become dry, frizzy, brittle, and also cause split ends. Therefore, people have better take action to avoid this. Yolissa Hair offers 100% human hair wigs, including luxury wigs and affordable wigs, so when people wear the wigs, they also need to pay attention. We are here to help and guide you to protect your lace front wigs from sun damage , so that people can enjoy your summertime freely.

1. Minimize The Sunlight Exposure Time
It’s better to take preventive measures than trying to repair the human hair wigs after it’s damaged, so we suggest to reduce and minimize the sunlight exposure time as less as possible. Avoiding direct sunlight is an effective measure to get away from sun damage. Especially in the noon time, people can avoid this period.

2. Apply a UV Protective Spray
When people have to go outside and expose their hair to the sun, they can apply a UV protective spray or sunscreen on the human hair lace front wigs, which can shield against and stop the UV rays, so that the damage of the UV rays can be isolated, and generate protection layer from UVA and UVB rays as well.

spray on lace wig

3. Put On a Hat
Wearing a hat may be the best effective way and simplest physical sunblock method to protect lace wigs from sunlight. A fabric wide-brimmed hat will give you a wonder. The hat can not only cover the hair strands but also hide your head and face, which can shield the sunlight. Thus, people can make sure to wear a hat when going outside. Moreover, people can also look for some hats with higher ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) number, because higher UPF can shield the sunlight more effectively. When people don’t have hats on hand, the scarves can also be replaced.

wear a hat

4. Wash And Deep Condition The Hair Regularly
A good wash and deep condition are effective methods to help the hair wig strands from UV rays damage. The washing can not only remove the dust, oil, and sweat on the wig surface but also help remove the oxidation layer at the outside of hair strands. People can use some color-correcting shampoos, which can help hair go back to its original color, especially for colored wigs. We highly recommend using a conditioner that is rich in antioxidants that can prevent UV Rays. People can soak their closure wigs in the conditioner for a few minutes. In addition, the wash and condition can also let the hair get new nutrition and moisture, and keep it in good condition.

wash and condition the lace wig

Summer is a season many people look forward to, and there is much fun they are going to experience. Please don’t allow the sunlight to ruin the funny summertime. When wearing the human hair lace front wigs in the summertime, customers can keep the above tips in mind, protect their beloved and precious wigs in good condition, and enjoy the summertime. Let us go outside and spend the day well with Yolissa Hair.