How Do I Choose a Wig Hair Color

When most people make up their minds to buy a wig, there are numerous factors they may need to decide. Choosing the wig color is a big decision. One of the main things to consider is what color we choose? Natural black wigs or color wigs? Today we will give several suggestions according to personal preference, wearing occasions, and hair budgets.

How To know what color wig to get?

1. According To Personal Preference

Many wigs fan are fond of natural black wigs, not just cause it is close to their natural hair texture and it also cause it looks like their own hair. And natural black wigs are 100% unprocessed without any chemical processing, especially for straight wigs, so the hair can last a long time and is easy to maintain.

But as time changed, natural black wigs were no longer satisfying to people who get more needs for the lace wigs. They want to show their unique physical features and personality through their hairstyles, so they start to choose the colored human hair wigs, like 613 blonde wigs, honey blonde wigs, highlight wigs, or any other colors to match their style and personality.

So you can choose the wigs according to your preference, if you want to get a natural-looking and don’t want to do too much maintenance, then you can choose black wigs. If you think black wigs are too boring and want to show your personality, then colored lace front wigs are good choices.

2. According To Wearing occasion

The wearing occasion also affected the choices between natural black wigs and colored wigs. You can choose the right color closure wigs or frontal wigs for different occasions, like for business occasions, for the party, or for holidays during our daily life. Whether you admit it or not, natural black wigs or brown wigs are the most classic for your work line, which will make you look more reliable and professional. Never choose those showy colored lace front wigs like red, pink, or blue, they are too exaggerated for a business occasion.

When you are attending a charity party, wearing natural black straight wigs can perfectly show your sincerity. If you are having a birthday party or music carnival, then colored wigs will be your perfect choice to catch the attention.

We all like to enjoy our holiday, most people prefer choosing color wigs like blonde wigs or highlight wigs, especially when you have the holiday on the beach in the summer.

And its time to celebrate graduation recently, students are attending graduation ceremony to take photos. Natural black wigs is suitable and formal to match Bachelor's uniform. Of course, if you want to be out of the ordinary, then a color wig, please. But deep colors are more suitable, like #4 dark brown wig, #6 light brown wig or 99j burgundy wig.

How Do I Choose a Wig Hair Color

3. According To Your Budget On Wig

Another vital factor it will affect when choosing a wig is the hair budget. Everyone wants to find affordable wigs of good quality, especially in this special period. Natural black hair is usually unprocessed, especially for the straight wigs, which means low cost, if you have a limited budget on the hairstyles, then you can choose natural black wigs, like short bob wigs, non-lace wigs like headband wigs and U part wigs, etc. Colored wigs are usually dyed or bleached from the natural black hair, which makes it need to take an extra cost to achieve the color, so the price will be higher than the natural black wigs, especially for the blonde wigs, which need to be bleached many times to achieve this charming gold color, So if you want to try something different and also with a good budget, then colored wigs like blonde lace frontal wigs or blonde full lace wigs will be a good choice.

Okay, after reading all of the suggestions about how to choose color wigs, are you a little confused? You may wonder what to choose, then there, there are good recommendations for both of them to you. Made of 100% human hair in good quality, suitable for any occasion. Let’s have a look.

What Color Wig Looks Good on Me?

1. Natural Black HD Lace Wigs

When you are having a date or attending an important business meeting, what kind of wig will you choose? Your first choice is definitely HD Lace wigs, the lace is so light and thin, which makes it melt into your skin perfectly, no one can realize that you are wearing a wig, and you will leave a good impression on your boyfriend or clients. And now Yolissa Hair offers buy one get one free sale for body wave wigs and water wave wigs in HD lace, which means you can use an affordable price to get two wigs at one time.

How Do I Choose a Wig Hair Color

2. Highlight Wigs

If it is the first time you wear colored wigs, you want to choose suitable color, then highlight wigs is one of the best colored wigs you should consider. Colors in highlight wigs are neither exaggerated nor too boring, it’s a perfect balance between dark and light colors, which can be easily customized to match any skin color.

How Do I Choose a Wig Hair Color?

3. 613 Blonde Wigs

Another perfect colored wig you should consider is the 613 blonde wig. Women with gold blonde hair are always thought attractive and charming. On one hand, 613 blonde wigs can not only refresh the appearance you want to achieve but also enhance your appearance. On the other hand, you can save time and money bleaching your own hair and you can also dye the hair into different colors you want easily.

How Do I Choose a Wig Hair Color

Whether you are a newbie to wig or want to get more enjoyment from your next wig, Yolissa Hair sincerely hopes you can use the guide to learn more about the natural black wigs and colored human hair wigs and choose the perfect wig for your needs.