How Do You Comb Your Lace Wigs?

  The biggest problems of a hair lace wig are frizziness or split ends after prolonged use. Combing hair can help prevent tangles. Every lace wig needs a good comb. Having a smooth, healthy, well-groomed hair wig shows that you take care of it well.

1. How To Comb Lace Wigs?

1.1 Just Got The Package

After people just received their hair wigs, sometimes they will find that there are multiple fly-away short hairs on the top of a lace wig. It is quite normal after a long shipment because of static electricity.

 Also, at the same time, our lace closures, lace frontals are all made by hand. Every single hair is tied on lace. The knots are on the inside of the lace, the hair ends are out of the lace. So the hair on the top looks short. I suggest you can wash the hair wig. Put some hair essential oils evenly on the hair to help add nutrition, it will help.

  Some flying hairs are not sewed into the wig, you can comb them out directly. Use a wide-teeth comb. Comb backward from the back of the wig to the top slowly and gently, comb without too much force against damage. Straight hair wigs can use a wide-teeth comb. Other wavy hair wigs like deep wave wigs, curly wigs, loose deep wave wigs, etc. I suggest you use fingers to comb.

1.2 After Some Time Of Use

  After some time of use, hair wigs can be dry, brittle. At this time, you need to detangle it at first. Then comb it in the same way I have mentioned above.

1.3 Comb Tips

  Don’t comb the wig when it is wet.  

  Dr. Philip Kingsley said the hair can be stretched to 130% of its normal length. Do not exceed the limits of elasticity, or the hair will be very easy to break. The hair swells when it is wet. Washing hair will remove the grease on the hair cuticle. The friction of the hair will increase. Then hair scales can be damaged. Brushing wet hair can cause stretching and breakage.

You can comb the wig gently before washing to remove dirt, grime, oil, etc. On the other hand, hair shampoos can nourish, enhance hair better. Or you can lightly apply a coat of hair conditioners before combing to make it easier. The best way is to brush hair after air drying it.

2. Easy To Comb Lace Wigs Recommendations 

2.1 Straight Wigs

  Compared to wavy wigs, straight wigs are not curved, not easy to get tangled. So they are also easy to comb and maintain. A girl with long straight hair always looks feminine, attractive.

  There are different types of straight wigs in Yolissa Hair. Including lace wigs like 4x4 lace closure wigs, 5x5 lace closure wigs, 6x6 lace closure wigs, 13x4 lace front wigs, 13x6 lace front wigs, 360 lace wigs, full lace wigs, etc. New arrival wigs like headband wigs, U part wigs, etc. Different types of straight wigs have different advantages, people can choose a preferred one for themselves.

  We also offer more colored straight wigs for all customers, like classic natural black hair color, bright 613 blonde hair color, warm #27 honey blonde hair color, elegant 99J burgundy hair color, etc. Yolissa Hair offers customized service. If you want some special hair colors, please kindly contact us.

 How Do You Comb Your Lace Wigs?

2.2 Bob Wigs

  Compared to long wigs, short bob wigs have short hair lengths that are easier to comb. Besides, short bob wigs also have more competitive, affordable prices. And Yolissa Hair will sometimes launch some flash sales of bob wigs at low prices. All customers can pay more attention to it. As a professional hair company, Yolissa Hair has more than 10 years of store sales experience. We always maintain our focus on the needs of the customers.

How Do You Comb Your Lace Wigs?