How To Buy A Suitable Wig For A Beginner

First time buying a wig? Investing in your first wig should be exciting. No matter you decide to shop online or come to a local beauty store, there are so many different types of wigs to choose from, It is not an easy task to buy a suitable wig. But don’t worry, we are here step by step guiding you on how to buy a suitable wig for a beginner!

Before you buy a wig, you will notice that wigs are either synthetic or human hair. Human hair wigs mean wigs are made of 100% human hair, which can be fully styled and customized like our natural hair. Synthetic wigs are usually made of man-made materials like polyester, acrylic, and PVC, the price is more affordable, but there are limitations with styling, and they also last shorter than human hair wigs.

human hair wigs

For a wig beginner, the first decision you need to make is to choose between human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. it is very important to achieve a natural look, synthetic wigs lack the natural look texture, and fluidity as human hair wigs, so the best choice for a wig beginner is to choose the human hair wigs. Below all that we discuss are about human hair wigs. Let’s start!

1.Choose Hair Texure
Wigs come in different textures, such as straight wigs, body wave wigs, curly wigs, water wave wigs, and so on. Straight wigs and body wave wigs are relatively easy to manage, but you can choose one texture that makes you feel confident, it is one of the easiest ways to make sure your first wig suits you. So what’s your favorite texture? Straight, curly, or any other? Of course, no matter what texture you choose, good quality human hair wigs have the versatility to be styled with heat if you can do good hair care during daily life.

2.Find Right Cap Construction
It is very important to find the right cap construction when buying a wig, especially when you are new to wigs. Non-lace wigs like headband wigs, U part wigs, V part wigs, and machine-made wigs are thought to be beginner-friendly because they don’t need extra skills, super easy to put on and take off. But there are some style limitations at the same time.
If you have higher expectations on the parting and hairline, lace wigs will be a good choice. There are 2 primary lace sizes: lace closure wigs and lace frontal wigs. Lace closure wigs can also be called glueless lace wigs, which are very easy to style without any glue or gel. Lace frontal wigs have ear to ear-to-ear hairline, which can make women style like their natural hair. The larger the lace size, the more possibilities the styles, and the price the higher, wig beginners can choose according to different needs and budgets.

3.Consider Hair Length
Hair length is another vital factor to consider when choosing your first wig. The wigs can be divided into short wigs, medium length wigs, and long wigs according to different lengths. Short wigs need less maintenance, medium length wigs and long wigs have more possibility to make styles. You can choose according to your own lifestyle preference.

4.Pay Attention On Color
Now you have decided on the hair texture, cap construction, and hair length for your wig. The final step is to choose a great color according to your skin tone and occasion. Make your mind between warm and cool toned wigs under your complexion. Of course, choosing a shade close to your natural hair color will create a more natural and flawless look. Meanwhile, the wig color can be chosen based on your purpose. Dark and black color shades will be suitable for daily and formal occasions. Vibrant colored wigs are recommended for some specific occasions, like holidays, parties, music festivals, etc.

After knowing those steps, is it still challenging to select the ideal wigs? If you are unsure what wigs to choose, here we prepared some best beginner friendly wigs for you.

Affordable V Part Wigs

V part wigs belong to non-lace wigs, which are improved under U part wigs. No lace means that you can put it on without any glue. At the same time, no wig cap is needed to install the wig, it can blend perfectly with your natural hairline. With the V-shaped opening on the top, you can just clip in without leaving out, or you can take minimal leave out, very easy to put on and take off. V part wig is really a good choice to try your first human hair wig at a very affordable price.

affordable V part wigs

 Skin-Like HD Lace Wigs

Yolissa Hair HD lace wigs are made of the thinnest and lightest lace materials, which can be invisible and undetectable when placed on the scalp, which is very friendly to a wig beginner. At the same time, it can blend very well with all skin tones, so whether you are dark skin or light skin, HD lace wigs can offer a natural and flawless appearance, no one will notice that you are wearing a lace wig.

HD lace wigs

Classic Brown Wigs

Apart from natural black wigs, brown wigs are considered one of the most classic colored wigs that are suitable for wig beginners. Many different shades of brown wigs are available, like dark brown wigs, light brown wigs, brown wigs with highlights, etc., so you can find a perfect one to match your skin tone. Not like other bright colored wigs, brown wigs will offer a more natural looking. Meanwhile, they are very easy to style and maintain, and they are perfect for any occasion. Classic never goes wrong, rock with brown wigs now!

 brown wigs

Glueless Ready & Go Wigs

Glueless wigs are always thought of as a good choice for those who are wearing their first wig. Ready & go wigs are the hottest glueless wigs in 2023. The lace is pre-cut, so no more cutting jobs, which is extremely convenient for first-time wig wearers. Pre-plucked hairline and pre-bleached knots also provide an ultra-invisible hairline, which makes the look more realistic and natural. The 3D dome cap is very stretchy and breathable, with an adjustable elastic band sewn in, ready and go wigs can fit different head sizes well. You can wear it just out of the box, no skills are needed.

Okay, now have you got good knowledge about how to buy a suitable wig as a beginner? No waiting, come to Yolissa Hair and start your wig journey now!