How To Care For The Lace Of Lace Wigs

  People who have a lace wig may all have the same one question, how to care for the lace of lace wigs? The lace is a key part of a lace wig, learning how to care for it is very important for every wig owner. Protecting the lace is also can extend the service life of your hair wig effectively. Hope today’s article can give you some inspiration on how to care for the lace of your lace wigs.

  1. Why Need To Care For The Lace Of Lace Wigs?

  All the lace we used to make lace wigs in Yolissa Hair are Swiss lace which is lighter and thinner than other common lace. So people should ensure the lace always need good care. Otherwise, bad care may make the lace break out of a hole or cause hair loss of your hair wigs. Especially for HD lace, as it is ultra-thin and ultra-premium, you need to pay more attention to care HD lace wigs.

  1. The Reason Of Lace Damage And Lace Care Tips

1) Overbleaching Knots Of Lace

  Most people will bleach knots while installing to make their hair wigs look more natural. But overbleaching will cause your lace to become weak to break out of holes. It even makes the hair roots of your hair wigs become fragile, and this finally causes hair loss.

  Our suggestion is that people don’t bleach the knots of a curling wig. If you do want to bleach knots, don’t overbleaching. Or you can find a professional hairstylist to help.

curling wig

2) Use A Wrong Hair Shampoo

  If 613 blonde wigs are washed by purple shampoos frequently, it may damage both the hair and lace. So we don’t suggest people use it a lot. Purple shampoos contain chemicals that are bad for hair lace wigs. On the other hand, the color fastness of our 613 blonde wigs is great, so you don’t need to use purple shampoos.

613 blonde wig

3) Bleaching And Dyeing Hair Wigs

  Most people like applying harsh chemical styling treatments, like bleaches and colorants, etc. They want to get more fashionable hairstyles. But putting chemicals all over the hair wigs definitely will damage your hair wigs. As all the chemicals can be harmful to both hair and lace of hair lace wigs. If you do need to do bleaching and dyeing, you need to do deep condition to your hair wigs regularly.

lace wigs

4) Prolonged Sun Exposure And Prolonged Immersion

  If the sunshine is too strong that the lace wigs also could easily get sunburnt. You should avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. And it is better to wear suitable sun hats to reduce the chance of sunburn by solar ultraviolet radiation.

 lace wigs

  Prolonged immersion is also not good for hair lace wigs. After washing wigs, you need to rinse the wigs clean timely, carefully.

5) Comb The Hair Too Hard

  Combing the hair gently with a wide-tooth brush. If you comb the hair too hard, the hair may shed from the lace wigs easily.

lace wigs