How To Care For Your Human Hair Wigs

Hi sis, do you own human hair wigs for yourself? Compared with synthetic hair wigs, human hair wigs will give you the most natural look and feel. Using human hair wigs is the trend. But cause they are made from 100% human hair, human hair wigs have higher price than synthetic hair wigs. To be able to use human hair wigs for a longer time, and get higher cost-effective, hair care is very necessary and important.

Now let's see how to care for human hair wigs:

Washing Human Hair Wigs Before Wearing It
Human hair wigs are made from 100% human hair and sew them on the weft and lace to become a wig, during the manufacturing process, there 100% would have a few loose hairs still left inside the wig, so co-washing can remove all the loose hair, and can avoid the loose hair tangling in the wig. It can also help to moisturize and hydrate your human hair wig when you are preparing to style.

Wash Human Hair Wigs Regularly
Washing varies depending on how often you wear your human hair lace wigs. Normally, it is highly recommended to wash your human hair wigs twice a week, if used daily basis, to maintain the wig hydrated and remove any bacteria from the lace. For special occasions, like days at the beach or on vacation in humid areas, wash your hair at night and allow it to air dry overnight. Don’t forget to condition the wig deeply after washing, and most importantly, please do not forget to wash it clear after all the steps.

how to wash the human hair wig

Follow The Correct Procedure For Washing Human Hair Wigs
1. Detangle your human hair wig with a comb:
Before doing anything else, use the right detangling method depending on the texture of the hair. Curly textures(deep wave, water wave, deep curly, kinky curly, etc.) require more care than straight or body wave textures. Use your fingers to comb sections of the hair with a light conditioner or Moroccan oil to detangle. Using fine combs is not recommended for detangling the curly textures. Comb the wig or bundle from the bottom to the middle to the top gently to remove the tangles.

2. When washing your wig with shampoo, avoid rubbing it to prevent tangling, which would damage your hair. Instead, when washing it, lather a small amount of soap in your hands and gently work the shampoo through the strands and base until thoroughly saturated, always keeping the hair going in the same direction.

3. Rinse to remove the soap: Rinse your hair with cool water, always running the water in the direction of the hair (from top to bottom) until the shampoo is completely removed.

4. Condition your hair: Repeat the same process with the conditioner except remember to avoid the roots of the hair as over-conditioning can cause the knots to loosen over time.

5. Dry the hair: Using a clean towel, blot the wig dry. For curly wigs hang the wig upside down the neck part of the wig facing up. Allow the wig to air dry in a cool, dry environment. Never wear your wig wet.

6. Human hair wigs need moisture to maintain their softness as they lack the natural oils produced by our scalps that hair needs. Therefore, it is essential to use a natural oil product to moisturize your wig after washes. Argon oil is fantastic at keeping the hair strands moisturized and soft.

Hair Care Tips For Straight Human Hair Wigs
1. Less is more when it comes to straight human hair wigs. Use small amounts of hair care products.
2. Lightweight serums are best for this type.
3. For detangling or daily maintenance use a wide-tooth comb.
4. Do not use products that contain sulfate, parabens, or alcohol. These will dry out hair and cause tangling including shedding.

Hair Care Tips For Curly Human Hair Wigs
1. Curly human hair wigs require more hydration than straight human hair due to the texture.
2. A light serum and leave-in conditioner will help keep the curls moisturized and tangle-free. A quarter size of each product is enough to avoid heavy amounts of product. Apply mousse to keep the curls looking defined. For detangling or daily maintenance use a wide-tooth comb to keep curls nice and bouncy. Avoid using a fine tooth comb for curly hair as this will cause tangling and excessive shedding.
3. Do not use products that contain sulfate, parabens, or alcohol, as these will dry out hair and cause tangling including shedding.

straight and curly lace wigs

Hair Care Tips For 613 Human Hair Wigs
1. 613 wigs require more hydration than straight hair due to processing.
2. To properly dye #613 human hair: Be sure to apply a purple shampoo to remove any yellow tones. Do not apply purple shampoo for too long to avoid over toning.
3. To apply the purple shampoo properly, run tap cold water onto the hair. Do not use any hot/warm water, because all the #613 human hair is processed; this might cause dryness or tangling. Take a dime size amount of purple shampoo and make lather into your hands first then apply the hair. Let it sit for 3 minutes; Any longer can turn hair silver or purple. Do not bunch or scrub the bundles.
4. Be sure to use color-treated hair products to make sure hair does not get dry and tangled.
5. Always apply a color-treated deep condition mask before wearing the hair and after applying hair dye or toner.

Style Your Human Hair Wigs Correctly
Human hair wigs can get styled in a variety of ways.We recommend you ask professionals to style the hair for you as they will guide you on the best styles for your human hair wig, and they know how to style the hair with less hurt on your human hair wigs? If you want to style human hair wigs by yourself, please be gentle when styling your wig, avoid high heat, and use recommended products such as thermal protection ant and serums designed for human hair wigs. When using hot tools for hair. We highly recommend applying a heat protectant before styling. When using hot tools we suggest temperatures under 350F degrees for colored hair and under 400F degrees for naturally colored hair to avoid dryness. Do not leave any hot tools on the hair for no more than 30 seconds. Once done styling your hair clean your hot tools, because the hot tools might have a few loose hairs since you pull down or curl the hair on the tool, so there might few loose hairs but it's normal. As well as you clean up the hair on the hot tool then it's fine.

style your human hair wig

Store Your Human Hair Wigs Correctly
If you're taking off your unit for a short of period time (to sleep shower etc.) you can place it on a mannequin head or a wig standard. If you're looking to store your wig for a longer of period time then place your hair in a satin bag and place it in a cool, dry area. You should also keep your wig away from heat to avoid drying and dull. Remove tangles from your hair before storing it to keep it in good shape for the next time you wear it.

how to store your human hair wig

Hope this article can help you care for your own human hair wigs.

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