How To Choose An Appropriate Wig?

Hey girls, are you considering how to save a lot of money on the Black Friday Sale 2023? Every year this time, all sellers will promote their products with big sales to win customers back. There is no exception for Yolissa Hair. Super large discounts site-wide will make it a good period to purchase a wig for yourself! Then how to choose a suitable wig becomes an important problem. Here we will introduce some tips when you choose a human hair wig.

1. Choose A Wig According To Face Shape
Everyone has various face shapes. Choosing a wig according to face shape can cover up the shortcomings of your face as much as possible, allowing you to show off beauty with your wig.
For oval faces, round faces, and heart-shaped faces, as well as triangle faces, whatever lace size wigs you choose, you can freely order 4x4/5x5/6x6/13x4/13x6/ lace wigs.

For square faces, oblong faces, and rectangle faces, ordering the deep parting space on the head top is better. So we suggest 5x5/6x6/13x6 lace wigs. The depth of the lace size can give you a chance to do different hairstyles.

For the diamond face, do not order the 4x4 lace closure wigs. Because the diamond face shape has a narrower forehead and chin compared to the cheekbones. The 4x4 lace size will make your face longer and more angular. But you can wear the 5x5/13x4/13x6 lace wigs to modify the hairline on both sides.

choose wig according to face shape

2. Choose a Wig According To Height
For most wigs, Yolissa Hair offers a wide length range. Short wigs are from 8 inches to 16 inches. Mid-length wigs length is from 18 inches to 24 inches. Longer than 24 inches, we called long wigs. Customers can choose a suitable length according to their height. According to the statistics, the average height of American black women is 5 feet and 4 inches. If you are very tall, you can purchase the mid-length and long-length wigs freely. If you are not that tall, it is better to choose a short or mid-length wig to make your body proportions look more proportional. Because the long wigs will make you look shorter.

choose wig according to height

3. Choose A Wig According To the Budget
When the Black Friday specials come, you may have a list of the things you have to purchase. So it is important to distribute your finances reasonably. You can choose a wig according to your budget. Generally speaking, the 13x4 lace front wigs and 13x6 lace front wigs are higher prices than the 5x5 lace closure wigs. But the larger lace size area can make the frontal wigs on your head more natural looking. So the lace frontal wigs are quite popular on the Yolissa Hair website. However, if you have a limited budget, we suggest you wear the 5x5/4x4 closure wigs. The price is lower but hair quality is not low. Moreover, Yolissa Hair also offers affordable wigs, such as headband wigs, U-part, and V-part wigs in different textures.

Now you are aware of how to order a suitable wig. We recommend some Hot-Selling human hair wigs sold on the Yolissa Hair website, you can make good use of Black Friday discounts to get the best wig!

Yolissa Hair Hot-Selling Human Hair Wigs
1.P4/613 Brown And Blonde Highlight Wigs
The P4/613 highlight wig is exclusive original hair in Yolissa Hair. This wig has been a crazy popular product since it showed up. Customers love the color and place orders one after another. It has various options to choose from 14 inches to 30 inches. There are 5x5/13x4/13x6 lace sizes and two lace colors, like HD lace and transparent lace. You can choose the lace size freely as you like. The beautiful color is worth trying. Besides, the hair is picked from the best quality raw human hair and processed with strict standards, which is healthy, and fashionable.

blonde and brown wig

2. Yolissa Hair Natural Black Body Wave Wigs
Natural black wig is the most classical wig in daily life and can be used to any occasion. And the body wave wigs make women intellectual and elegant with the big wave curls.
You can straighten it or re-curl it when you need. The changeable style makes this product loved by customers of all ages. Most importantly, the HD undetectable lace attracts each customer’s attention with different skin colors. The HD lace wigs make invisible lace on your scalp, none knows you are wearing a wig. It is the most worrying thing when you want to wear a wig. Wearing the HD lace body wave wig can solve this kind of concern.

HD lace wigs

4. Yolissa Hair 613 Blonde Straight Wigs
Colored wigs are also popular among wig lovers, especially the 613 blonde wigs. The blonde wigs can be dyed to any color and modified to other tones. Many customers purchase Yolissa Hair 613 blonde straight wigs for photo shoots, birthday parties, weddings, etc. They posted the photos on their social media and made more and more women become Yolissa Hair members. Same, the 613 blonde straight wig has 5x5/13x4/13x6 lace size options. These lace sizes are suitable for most face shapes. Moreover, it must be mentioned that the 613 blonde 13x6 lace wigs have super large parting space, you can do deep parting space in the front and both sides.

613 blonde wigs

The above wigs are the most hot-selling wigs at Yolissa Hair. You can order a suitable wig according to your face shape or favorite color. With the black Friday sale 2023 coming, come to Yolissa Hair and choose a beautiful human hair wig with super higher discounts!