How To Get Reward Points From Yolissa Hair

  Yolissa Hair has opened a new activity recently - gain reward points to save money. Next, I will tell you more about it. Like what are reward points, and how does it work?

Leverage your reward points.

1. What Are Reward Points?

Reward points are the way of rewarding loyal customers of Yolissa Hair. People can use these reward points like cash at checkout to save money. When checking out, people can see how many reward points they have available to spend. Input these available reward points, then it will be redeemed for cash, then can be deducted from the order automatically.

2. Terms Of Use Of Reward Point

1) If you earn or spend Rewards Points for an order which is subsequently canceled or amended for any reason, we reserve the right to reverse some or all of the points earned at our discretion.

2) Reward Points are not legal tender and are in no way redeemable for cash or any other benefit, except deducting money when you place an order.

3) Reward Points balances are not transferable under any circumstances.

4) Any unused Reward Points expire after 180 days.

5) One order can use 3000 points at most, which means redeem $30.

6) Your use of the Reward Points program indicates your acceptance of these terms of us.

3. How To Get Reward Points?

There are main four ways can get reward points.

1) Register

Yolissa Hair would always like to meet new customers and want all hair products can give customers a satisfying experience. Every new register can get 300 reward points.

2) Sign In

  Develop new customers comes at the same time as maintaining old customers. Every old customer can get 10 reward points every time they sign in. (one day get 10 points only). After landing, people can check how many points they have collected. Please don’t change or create a new account too often. And remember the account passwords. If you've forgotten your login ID or passwords, then reset it. Don’t forget to sign in to your account at first before placing orders every time.

3) Place Order

  The most direct and the fastest way to get more reward points is to place orders. $1=1 reward point. For example, $564 can get 564 reward points, $666 can get 666 reward points, and so on. The more money you spend, the more points you can get, and the more you can save for the next order.

4) Write Review

  Yolissa Hair keeps seeking out honest feedback. Objective opinions can be a benefit to help us make progress in all respects, including our hair products and services. So we always encourage our customers to give us a product review. At the same time, everyone will get 100 reward points if you write a good review with beautiful pictures of the hair you ordered on our website. (One day 100 reward points most. And the reward points will arrive in 24 hours.)

How To Get Reward Points From Yolissa Hair

4. Hair Wigs That Can Get High Reward Points Recommendations

1) HD Lace Wigs

  An HD lace wig is an upgraded version of a regular Swiss lace wig. HD lace wigs have high-definition, lighter, thinner, more breathable, more comfortable laces. People can get a more natural hairline, and a more real wig look. HD lace wigs can match all skin colors without using lace tinting.

 How To Get Reward Points From Yolissa Hair

2) Colored Wigs

  Are you tired of common natural black hair wigs? You can try some new different colored wigs. Like shining, bright 613 blonde wigs, graceful, elegant 99J burgundy wigs, individualized highlight wigs, etc. Different colored wigs can meet different needs.

The prices of HD lace wigs will be more expensive than regular Swiss lace wigs. The prices of colored hair wigs also are higher than natural black hair wigs. But at the same time, you can get more reward points in one order.