How To Make Your Lace Front Wig Look Natural?

  Buying a human hair wig was a luxury before. It was not affordable to the average person, only royals, aristocrats, ambassadors, business tycoons, and high society can have it. But hair wigs have become increasingly common in recent years. People buy hair wigs for main two purposes of protecting their real human hair and pursuing fashion. So they buy the newest and high-quality hair products as much as possible to get a perfect effect.

  Of all the hair wigs, lace front wigs are always popular. Because they have 13 inches wide lace frontals that can cover a human’s forehead from ear to ear. This also can help people to get a more complete, natural, real hairline. Lace front wigs are high cost-efficient hair products for most people. Today’s article will talk about how to make a lace front wig look natural as below. There is a need to hope that friends can refer to the references.

  1. Pluck Your Wig

  Actually, most hair wigs have done pre-plucked with baby hair before shipping out now. According to the regularity of the human hairline, workers have allowed some open space to get a natural and sparse hairline when they are tying hair on lace frontals. So the tying hair on the hairline is not as much as tying hair of the back. Then workers will do pre-plucked. Everyone has unique requirements for the hairline. Some people like sparse hairline, some people like the thick hairline. Sometimes, people will think that the hair wig they received is not plucked enough, they can do pre-plucked by themselves. My recommended method is classified into four steps as below, please kindly check for references.

1) Set the hair wig on a wig standing, use pins on the lace to pin the wig down, and not let it move.

2) Decide a hairline that you really want. Use tweezers to do pre-plucked from outside to inside gently and carefully. Pay attention not to ruin the lace frontals, especially HD lace frontals. No matter Swiss lace or HD lace both are very thin and easily damaged. People need to be especially careful.

3) After doing pre-plucked, use a wide-teeth comb to brush through the hair wig to get rid of excess hair.

4) Recheck the whole wig look and do some adjustments after installing it. The adjustments are based on a human’s face shape and head shape.

 Pluck Your Wig

      2. Cut lace along with your hairline

  After doing the pre-plucked, cut the excess laces along with the hairline. Slow down and do not rush, take your time to cut carefully.

 lace front wig

    3. Brush Baby Hair on edges

  Use a small comb to brush the baby hairline on the edges to achieve a realistic look.

Brush Baby Hair on edges

    4. Blend

  Different people have different skin colors. There are dark-skinned people and light-skinned people. People can use some powders or foundations to make up, adjust the color of the lace part to make it blend with the skin color.

   5. Other Hair Wigs Recommendations

  This is the most natural way to make a lace front wig look natural. If you want to try other hair wigs, like lace closure wigs. They have shorter width of lace closures that can make the operation easier. Some people want to make the installations more convenient and faster without doing these operations. You can choose some hair wigs without lace. Like headband wigs, U Part wigs, etc. These hair wigs don’t have the problem of the hairline, people use their own real human hairline. And their easier installations help people save time and energy.

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