Brazilian Hair Extension are a woman’s perfect partner. Extensions are great when you are looking to add volume or change up your hairstyle. To keep them for an extended period of time, you need to take care of them like your natural hair.

Brazilian Human Hair Weave

Here are a few suggestions to extend the life of your investment:

1: Do not wear your Brazilian Hair extensions without wearing a satin or silk scarf when sleeping or going to the gym.
Covering your hair when you go to bed or engaging intense exercise helps to maintain moisture and reduces tangles.

2: Do not over wash your hair extensions
Just like your Brazilian Human Hair Weave, your extensions do not need to be washed daily. However, it is essential to keep your hair moisturized. Shampooing and co-washing your hair twice a week will suffice.

3: Do not dye or bleach your hair extensions often
Unless you are experienced using color, it is recommended to consult with your professional hairstylist when bleaching or coloring your hair. Bleach and dyes are taxing on natural hair, so you want to minimize how often you apply chemicals.

4: Comb your hair extensions after removing them
Always remember to brush or comb your hair extensions before and after. A wide tooth comb and paddle brush are the best tools to use with your hair extensions.

5: Keep the hair extensions in a box, satin bag, or hang them prior to wearing them and after they have been removed
Always remember to store your hair extensions away after you have removed them. Trouser hangers are an excellent way to store them in addition to using a satin bag.

6: Minimize the use of heating tools
Whether it is your natural hair or extensions, it is always preferred not to use heating devices like a curling or flat iron because they take away moisture from and causes breakage. If your style requires a little heat, make sure to use a heat protectant.

7: Trim your hair extensions to keep them looking new
Your human hair extensions need trimming, just like your natural hair. Trimming prevents split ends and keeps your extensions looking refreshed.