Although our virgin brazilian curly hair items allow you to blow dry, snuggle with styling metal, straighten up with hair straightener, dye with locks dye and style it as you would your own hair, there are some important good care concerns you need to keep in mind about how to proper take care of virgin hair if you want it to look fantastic for longer.

How To Wash Brazilian Hair Extensions

Following these easy steps about how to clean additions, will generate excellent results:

1.Brush or hair comb your locks to ensure it is without any troubles.

2.Add standard water to moisturize your locks progressively. Wetting your additions all at once can cause them to become matted and twisted, which makes it harder to proper take care of your additions in the long run.

3.Continue cleaning or cleaning your body wave hair weave locks as you moisturize it to avoid it from tangling.

4.Add hair shampoo to your locks, cleaning the additions from the top down. Carefully work the hair shampoo into the lengths of locks as you clean.Click here to know more.

5.Rinse your locks thoroughly with standard water that is clean, working your way from the top down, being careful to eliminate all of the hair shampoo as you do.

6.Apply refresher. Be sure you don’t add too much. Adding an more than refresher can cause your additions to tangle. Leave-in hair conditioners are recommended.

7.Use a towel to cover your locks and implement soothing pressure to eliminate any unwanted standard water from your locks.Gently hair comb your additions and allow them to air dry.