If you’re feeling self-conscious about your decision to get Human Hair Weave, your first thought might be to simply choose a wig that is as close to your current hair color as possible. However, purchasing a wig can be a great opportunity to give yourself a makeover without the hassle of an expensive salon dye Hair Weave.

How to Choose a Flattering Wig Color

Understanding Your Skin Tone
To choose a flattering wig, you must first understand your skin tone. Women have either warm or Body Wave Hair.

Women with a warm skin tone look best in gold jewelry and ivory, off-white, or tan clothing. They frequently have gold, olive, or dark skin with golden brown, green, or hazel eyes. These women tend to look best in wigs that are dark brown, golden brown, chestnut, or rich auburn. Gold or red highlights can be flattering as well. A jet black wig would wash out the complexion of a woman with a warm skin tone.

Women with a cool skin tone tend to look best in silver jewelry and clothing that is bright white or black. They typically have fair skin and green or blue eyes. Cool skin tones are best suited for wigs in blacks, browns, and blondes with honey, wheat, ash, or taupe highlights. Women with cool skin tones look washed out in bronze, auburn, or golden wigs.

Other Factors to Consider
When we age, lighter hair tends to be more flattering than darker shades. Lighter hair gives you a softer, more natural appearance. White wigs can be quite attractive as well.

If you’re going through chemo, you should also consider the fact that treatments can make your face look paler than normal. You can help compensate for this by choosing a wig that is a shade or two lighter than your current hair color. For example, if your current hair is black, a dark brown wig might be a more flattering option to consider. Brunette women might want to opt for a lighter shade of brown with subtle highlights to add visual interest.