How to buy wigs combo on Yolissahair?

In order to thanks all the loving support from our customers, we launched a new sales promotion named wigs combo. What is the wigs combo? Pay 1 get 2-4 wigs with factory price in the same length, density, capsize, and in different types, textures, colors. Only 1 order can experience different variable styles at a very low price!! We have 11 different wigs combos to let you choose. Including 6 different hair colors and 5 different hair textures.

How to find it and get it on Yolissa Hair Store? This article will advise you with big help of it, just please kindly read on.

How to place an order of wigs combo

1. How to find it?

You need to enter the homepage of our official website: Yolissa Hair, and then will see 4 rolling banners, please click the third one “BUY ONE GET ONE FREE”, you can get into a new unique page specially made for wigs combo. There are 3 different button options under the banner: Pay 1 Get 2 Wigs, Pay 1 Get 3 Wigs, Pay 1 Get 4 Wigs. You can choose your favorite one and click it to enter the detailed page.

 buy one get one free wigs

   If you don’t know which one could be chosen, scroll down the page, you can see the detailed products under each category. Then you can start to choose your favorite one of wigs combo and enter into the product page.

pay one get two wigs

2. How to place an order of wigs combo?

  On each product page, there are some usual items: headlines, sales copy, thumbnail photos, product details, reviews, recommend, the number of items in stock. You need to select some product attributes before placing orders. For example, if I choose the below product “Buy One Body Wave 360 Lace Front Wigs Get One Water Wave 4x4 Lace Closure Wigs For Free”, click “BUY NOW” and enter into its detailed page. At first sight, you can see the headline of the product and some promotion code, don’t forget to use the available code while placing orders later to get some discount.  

 How to place an order of wigs combo

  The next step is choosing product attributes “hair length, hair density, and quantity”. Before going to the payment page, you can get more information about this product by checking “product details, reviews, and recommend”. After all things are confirmed, please click the button “Buy Now” in the bottom right corner.

 place an order of wigs combo

  On the payment page, the order details can be double-checked, and you need to fulfill the shipping address. After everything is done, click “Continue to Checkout” and go to pay. We will arrange shipment as soon as possible. If you meet any problem when shopping in our store, please welcome to contact us.

yolissahair wig

3. What to do if there are no wigs combo you want on our website?

  Are there no combination dears you want? You can combine the following options in the below pictures freely as you want. And for your own combination among the above product categories, you can enjoy: 8% off for 2 wigs by code: wigdeal8, 10% off over 2 wigs by code wigdeal10.

  Yolissa Hair always here waiting for you!