How to make the part of a wig look more natural?

Every hair wig has a parting space on the top of the head just like a real person has, but sometimes there will be a slight chromatism problem between the parting space and your own skin color. So how to make the part of a wig look more natural? This article will give you an answer.

yolissa hair part wig size

  1. Before installing your hair wig, you can turn it over firstly, and brush some foundations or powders which is close to your own skin color on the internal net.
  2. Different people have different preferences of parting space, like the middle part, three part, side part. You may need to resort to some tools like a small comb to help when you part your hair.
  3. After finishing parting the hair, you can see there is a long straight part on the top of your head. Then you need to use some foundations or powders to brush that part one more time to make the color of that part closer to your own skin tone. Yes, it is necessary to brush foundations or powders twice, both inside and outside the wigs. Only in this way can make the whole hair wig look more real and natural when you wear it. And it is also convenient, everyone can do it at home by themselves.
  4. In Yolissa Hair, we have a lot of different kinds of hair wigs. But only in 4x4 lace closure wigs, we provide three options of part design (three part, free part, middle part) for customers to choose. You can select one option as your preference like the below picture before placing the order, then we will arrange to ship a parted 4x4 lace closure wig to you as soon as possible.

free part middle part three part on yolissa hair

On the other hand, for the 13x4 lace frontal wigs and other hair wigs in our store, the free part is the default. If there is no special note for us when we get the orders, we will ship out free part hair wigs directly. People can do part design by themselves as they like when they receive the package. But if you don’t like to do it by yourself, you also can leave a message while placing orders to tell us what kind of part design you like, we will do the parting for you before sending the parcels out.