Make Edges On A Lace Front Wig

Nowadays, wearing a lace front wig is a new trend, as the wig can not protect our natural human hair, but can also bring versatility in daily time. Putting on a lace frontal wig can save time compared with styling hair, and people have more choices to switch up their hairstyle by choosing wigs in different textures, lengths, especially colors.

There are many factors valued when people wear a wig, like how to choose suitable textures, straight, body wave or curly wigs, how to install a human hair lace front wig, and how to pluck or make edges. Today, we will mainly talk how people make edges on a lace frontal wig.

The edges usually mean the shorter pieces growing around the frontal part of the hairline, and people also call them baby hairs. Making edges can make human hair wigs look more real and natural and give an illusion that it is your real hair instead that you are not wearing a wig. If people are unfamiliar with the lace frontal wig or are new to making edges, you can see the blog, and we hope this blog can help people make the edges well.

Before making edges, there are some tools you need to prepare.
-Rat Tail Comb
-A Pair Of Scissors Or A Razor
-Edge Brush
-Gel Or Hairspray
-Band Or Scarf

Now you have your lace wig and the tools on hand and it is time to make the edges.
1. Customize The Hairline (not compulsory)
Generally, human hair hairline is a little thinner than the hair behind. When Yolissa Hair makes frontal wigs, we pluck the hairline to make the wig look similar to the human beings' hairline, so the lace wigs come pre-plucked. However, some customers may prefer a thinner hairline and prefer to pluck more based on the hairline we have plucked. If people want to pluck or re-customize the hairline, they can fix the lace wig on a wig stand or their heads and use a tweezers to pluck the hairline to achieve the look they expect. Please attention do not pluck too much or pluck or tear the lace.

Make Edges On A Lace Front Wig

2. Install The Wig
Now, it is time to install the wig. People can use a pair of scissors or a razor to cut the extra lace in the frontal part, then glue down the wig. After people fix the wig, they can choose to make a parting. About the 13x4 lace frontal wig and 13x6 lace front wig, people can do a middle parting, side parting, or free parting. When you want to make the edges, please think, and decide the part you need in advance. After all the steps completed, we can customize the edges.

install the wig

3. Create Baby Hair
Before making edges, we need to distinguish the baby hair first. Yolissa Hair wigs come with baby hair, and people can comb the baby hair out directly. If needing more baby hair, you can pick and cut more baby hair. When doing that, you can use the sharp part of a rat-tail comb, and pull small sections of hair at the front of the lace wig. After that, the hair will become the baby hair. You can do that in the whole hairline where you plan to make the edges.

create baby hair

4. Trim Baby Hairs
The hairs used as baby hair might be a little longer than you expected. Under such conditions, you can pull the hair, cut and trim the hair to the length you need with one scissor or razor. People can leave the baby hair around 1-2 inches. If people prefer a clean and neat edge, scissors are the most suitable choice. While if people like a jagged look, they can use a razor instead.

5. Style The Edges With Gel Or Hairspray
After cutting the baby hair, we can shape them. People can apply the gel or hairspray on a brush, or the baby hair directly, then brush through the hair, and try to smooth the hair and lay the edges into place. When laying the edges, you can also consider the edge style matching the hair texture, parting, and your make-up. You can brush the baby hair into the swirls, and waves. Generally, most customers prefer to make two edges at the right and left part. Some customers are willing to swirl the baby hair in the whole hairline.

Shape The Edges

6. Shape The Edges
Now you have styled the edges with the look you want to achieve. You can please wrap your headline with a band or scarf to settle the style. Ten minutes or so is okay. After that time, you can remove the band or scarf to unveil the final look.

After reading the blog, we hope that making edge will not be a challenge for you. With the steps and tips above, people can style the edges easily. All in all, people need to choose a premium quality human hair wig. Yolissa Hair offers many kinds of human hair lace frontal wigs in various curls and lengths. Come to our website, and choose a wig first, then you can style the hair in a comfortable way.