Hi everyone,

 Many people wear wigs every day in daily life to make up the regret of hair loss or do multiple styles. It’s closely related with beauty which enhances our confidence and improves our charm. Since it’s so vital, we must know how to care it in everyday use. As the professional human hair vendor, Yolissa Hair has some tips for wearing wig every day.


First - Get the Proper Cap Size

Everyday wig must be a wig that fits you perfectly. Otherwise, much time will be waste on adjusting the size, dealing with slide. Normally, hair vendors provide three wig cap sizes - small, medium(average), large. You must measure your head as described on the photo below and then choose the right size before you buy the wig. I have to remind you that some wigs only have the medium size, such as 360 lace front wigs, 370 lace front wigs and full lace wigs.

 cap size of lace wigs

Second - Several Wigs for Change

It’s necessary to prepare several wigs for everyday use. Wigs plays the role of the natural hair. Usually, we will do a lot of styles on our natural hair. But if we use heat to do many styles on the wig, it will damage the wig seriously. If you want to have various styles and want your wig to have longevity, you’d better buy several wigs to switch up. You can find all kinds of wig in www.yolissahir.com to meet your needs.


Third - Wear a Wig Cap Or Wig Grip

Please remember to wear a wig cap liner underneath the wig unless the wig you use is Fake Scalp Wig or Silk Base Wig. Wig Cap can protect your natural hair or own scalp from damage of the complexion and glue. And wig grip is also a good choice now, which is a adjustable comfort head hair band for women,velvet material, non slip, keeps wig secured ,prevents headaches & hair loss. You even don’t need any glue on wig, that is convenient!

 wig cap and wig grip

Fourth - Use Powder or Liquid Foundation

Using powder or liquid foundation on the hairline and parting area helps you to create a natural looking. This way especially works well on transparent lace wig and hd lace wig. Below is the feedback from our customer who tried our water wave transparent lace wig and used this way to achieve the natural looking . You can see that it just looks like growing out from her own scalp.

water wave transparent lace wigs  

Fifth - Properly Store the Wig

Some one like to wear the wig when sleep. But it would be better to take off your wig at night, because friction damages the hair. If you want to sleep with the wig, please tie it down with bonnet or silk scarf. When you take it off at night or anytime you don’t wear it, please put it on a wig head or wig stand. It helps to protect the shape and construction of the wig. Besides, it’s important to store your wigs somewhere cool and dry. Properly storing the wig can stretch its life span.


Sixth - Detangle the Wig

When you wear the wig, you should detangle the hair gentally. If you detangle and refresh it with water or conditioner every time you wear it, you will hold the hair texture very well. However, please use the wide-tooth comb to comb from end to top gradually. Paddle brushes or round brushes can cause frizzing issues and shedding.


Seventh - Do Regularly Wash

Just like the natural hair, wigs need regularly wash but not every day. Generally, washing your wig every 8 to 10 wears is enough. But you should adjust the frequency based on your activity level and how you sweat daily. If you do strenuous exercise and sweats a lot, you should increase the frequency. Doing regularly wash keeps your wig clean and fresh, resulting in the better wearing effect and stretching its life span.


Eightenth - Do Regularly Condition

Human hair as consumables, the hair status will be worse and worse with the using time.

And it is cut from human and stop growing and absorbing nutrition from human beings, it need more regular condition since that. And especially colored wigs or after you dye wigs by yourself. You can please pull hair conditioner into water and leave wig in conditioner for about 15 minutes or longer regularly, or even find a professional hair salon to do deep condition for you. After that, you can please use some essential oil or olive oil on hair to keep moisture content. Then it will not be dry, knotted or static electricity.


Normally, lace wigs will last about one year or even if longer if under good wearing, storing and condition. So please following the above tips to do right care to them. That will be good value for money!