New Trend - Highlight Hair Wigs in Yolissa Hair

  Recently, there is a hit by a highlight wave, many pop stars and movie star also indulge in this amazing hair color, including Rihanna, Jessica Alba, Megan Fox, etc. They all look both sweet and sexy, the magic hair color brings a different beautiful feeling and lets them become the focus of people on the carpet. As the highlight color come into style this year, all the smart people will be getting the same one. Now we offer many different kindly of hair wigs in a highlight color, and we also will introduce some typical types today for your references.

 highlight hair

  1. What is the highlight?

  The highlight color is one color mix with the other lighter color, you can see different layers of colors on a hair wig. This special hair color design can make you look more unique and attractive.

In Yolissa Hair Store, we have some great highlight hair wigs in various colors and textures. The hair colors including #001, #003, #017, #018, #019, #Piano, #27, etc. And the hair textures including straight, body wave, water wave, loose deep, deep wave, curly, etc. Besides, if you want to get other hair colors and hair textures of highlight which are not available on our website now. You can please kindly contact us, we also offer customized service. We will reply as soon as possible once we get the messages.

  1. Highlight Hair Wigs Recommendations

  Some new products have launched in our official store, I will show some typical types at the below content, you can please check them for references.

1) Highlight Headband Wigs

  This highlight headband wig has three colors and six textures can let your choice. The hair colors including #017, #018, #019. Especially, the #19 body wave headband wig is the most popular one. Why this is the most popular one? I think maybe it is because the color #19 is trendy and the texture body wave is classic, and then they can collide the most beautiful spark.

  By the way, now buy this highlight headband wig you can get some little surprises:

A: Buy headband wigs can get an extra 6% off with code “Headband”.

B: You can get 7 pieces of different headbands as a free gift.

C: If your order amount over $300, you can get an extra super gift pack. There are many useful hair accessories in it, including a silk bag, an adjustable band, a wig cap, a wig grip, super long eye-lashes, a baby hairbrush.

 Highlight Headband Wigs

2) Highlight Lace Part Wigs

  Lace part wigs are new in our store, although every lace part wig has a lace part, only a 4 inches long crack of lace covers in the middle of the wig. So about the installation, you only use combs and an adjustable strap can secure it well, no need to use glue. It is a beginner-friendly lace wig. If you are not familiar with how to wear a lace wig but also want to get this chic highlight color, this highlight lace part wig is a great choice for you.

 Highlight Lace Part Wigs

3) Highlight Water Wave 13x4 Lace Front Wigs

  The 13x4 lace front wig is a classic type of lace wigs, and the water wave is a chic hair texture, with this modern highlight color. All these three things mix together are the best combination. Don’t wait, come to get this great highlight water wave lace front wig.

 Highlight Water Wave 13x4 Lace Front Wigs