Share Your Beauty, Then Get Cash Back

  Gradually, the entire nature of the Web has become to the world's people connected to each other and sharing their lives.

  Nowadays, more and more people love tweeting about their social lives and crave the opportunity to share their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. There are many social media in people’s lives now, including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, etc. By using their personal social media, people can always stay in touch with their families and friends and share with them whatever they find interesting in their life. A social network also affords something more: access to the personal lives and tastes of the people in your circle, or at least as much as they're willing to share.

  When you have a perfect wig look, you will want to share it with others. Now Yolissa Hair has opened a new activity for people who love to share their lives. People can share their beautiful pictures while getting some discounts and cashback. What good this activity would be!

  How to join this great activity? How to get the prize? Don’t worry, please kindly read the below information in details:

 share your beauty

  1. Customer Sharing Activity

1.1 Rules:

Post & Tag Us On Instagram/Youtube/Facebook/Tiktok/Twitter

1) $10 Coupon Code: Share Videos Or Pictures, Then Get

2) $10 Cash Back: Both Install Tutorial Video And HD Pictures

3) $30 Cash Back: Youtube Videos (Tutorial & Good Review) & Tiktok Videos (Tutorial & Showing Hair) & Instagram Posts (HD Pictures)

4) Extra $30 Coupon For 30 Top Girls This Year: Public On Thanksgiving Day

1.2 Note:

1) Share Hair From Yolissa On Your Social Media And Tag Us, You Could Enjoy $10 Coupon Code.

2) $10 Cash Back & $30 Cash Back Only Can Enjoy One

3) $30 Coupon Will Be Picked According To Content Performance On @Yolissa_hair

Please DM us, if You have done all of these.

how to tag us

      2. Typical Yolissa Hair Wigs Recommendations

  If you have already bought some hair products in Yolissa Hair, you can join this activity directly. If you have not purchased a hair wig, then you can kindly check below hair wigs recommendation for references:

2.1 Water Wave Wigs

  Water wave wigs are always one of the most popular wigs in Yolissa Hair. Why these wigs are popular? The main reason is the special and chic water wave hair texture. Water wave hair texture is an attractive hairstyle that can help to thicken and increase the hair volumes of your hair wigs. The curls of water wave hair are not as loose as the curls of body wave hair. The curls of water wave are tighter and smaller that can make people look younger and more energetic.

 water wave wigs

2.2 HD Lace Wigs

  Yolissa Hair HD lace wigs are all with thinner, lighter, and high definition laces that can make the hairlines more invisible. People usually need to choose lace colors when they are buying common lace wigs. You don’t need to choose lace colors of HD lace wigs, because HD lace wigs can match all skins perfectly, and without using lace tinting. No matter you are dark-skinned people or light-skinned people, all customers are suitable for HD lace wigs.

The types of HD lace wigs include HD 13x4 lace front wigs, HD 13x6 lace front wigs, HD 5x5 lace closure wigs, HD 6x6 lace closure wigs. Also, there is an extra $30 discount with code “HDWIG” for you!

hd lace wigs

2.3 Headband Wigs

  Headband wigs are new arrival wigs that are different from lace wigs. Every headband wig has no lace on, it has a breathable elastic net cap that covers 3/4 of the head, and an ice silk headband covers the rest part. So headband wigs are easier to install and maintain. It only needs to take 2 minutes to complete a whole installation, even no need to use glue. Compared to lace wigs, the prices of headband wigs also will be more competitive and more affordable.

headband wig