The Changes Of Lace Part For Lace Front Wigs

   There are some changes of lace part for lace front wigs. Today we will talk about the changes in detail and introduce some new trends.

  1. The Changes Of Lace Part For Lace Front Wigs

  As a regular customer of Yolissa Hair, you may find that the inner net of 13x4 lace front wigs and 13x6 lace front wigs have changed. Not only our store but also other hair stores, even the whole wig market have found a problem that the lace part of frontal was short on the edges. Some people say that is not a complete frontal, some people say the lace part is too small, not much space for a side parting. The consumers almost can not see a big complete frontal as it used to in the market over a period of time.

    2.Why The Lace Part For Lace Front Wigs Have Changed?

  You know China is the main exporting country of human hair and the largest base of human hair-producing. But in fact, another country process lace products. All hair manufacturers ship the lace and hair such raw material to that country, and then they ship the finished lace frontal or lace closure back. The local workers tie the hair on lace by bands with high speed and great skill. And hair is also cheap at that time because of the cheaper labor. But the processing country of lace products closed the border because of COVID-19 from early 2020 until now. Manufacturers cannot ship the raw material to them, while they cannot ship back the end products.

  Some customers may still remember some lace products are out of stock in 2020, that is the reason. But manufacturers cannot let customers wait for a long time. So they start processing the lace products locally. But the manual cost is higher and their speed is lower than that country, so that is why human hair wigs become more expensive than before. And they cannot do large space for lace products like before, or price will be higher which can not be affordable and even they cannot supply enough lace products to meet customer’s need. That is why there is no large lace frontal, just a short lace part of the frontal on the edges in the whole market. And they would be less likely to do 360 lace frontal, 370 frontal, or full lace wigs such as more lace part, so you may find that there are no 370 wigs and no long 360 wigs. And these wigs including full lace wigs will be out of stock once sold out.

  In fact, I don’t think it will affect wearing if people do part design in the middle lace part, you can do middle part, 4-6 part, even 3-7 part. But if you want to do the side part near the ears, that may be impossible on the edges. Comparing with lace closure wigs, the lace front wigs are also with completed and natural hairline, so I still highly suggest lace front wigs now.

lace closure wigs

     3.New Trends Last Year

  You may understand why T Part Wigs appeared in the market last year. You can please check the following pic: The T part wigs just have 5 inches depth and 1-inch width lace part in the middle and about 1-inch width on the edges. So such wigs will save much time to process the lace part, but they only can do the middle part and it is cheaper than a lace front wig.

 t part wigs

  And You may also find there appeared U part wigs, headband wigs such wigs without any lace in the market to divert customers’ attention on lace wigs since last year. Cause these wigs only make by hair bundles, no need to speed time on tieing hair on lace.

 The use of small lace frontal relieves and change to large lace frontal as before unless that country who processing lace products before open the door. The whole market is looking forward to such a period. Hope that day will come sooner!