In every detailed product page, there is an option of wig density to let you choose. What is wig density? How many degrees of wig density? How to select a suitable wig density?

Yolissa hair The Knowledge of Wig Density

1. Some aspects of people concern while shopping hair wigs

1) Wig Textures

The wig texture is the basis of the wig hairstyle. Yolissa Hair provides seven characteristic hair textures for our customers, including water wave, body wave, straight, loose deep, deep wave, curly, yaki straight. If all the above wig textures you don’t like, we also offer customized service, you can please contact us, we will reply as soon as possible we get the messages.

2) Wig Types

The wig types are the basic attributes of hair wigs. It determines the structure and lace area of a hair wig. There are various hair wig types in Yolissa Hair, including common lace closure wigs, lace frontal wigs, and some new headband wigs, U part wigs, machine-made wigs, etc.

3) Wig Hair Length

Everyone has their own preference for hair length. Normally, we offer 8-22 inches available on our website. The hair length of some special long hair wigs can reach 40 inches, like water wave 13x4 long lace frontal wig.

4) Cap Size

Some common hair wigs like lace closure and lace frontal wigs have 3 capsizes that can choose: small, medium, large. And the other hair wigs like 360, 370, full lace wigs only have one medium size, but there is an adjustable strap on each hair wig to help you adjust the size of the wig to suit different sizes of human head circumference.

5) Wig Density

This is what I want to talk today about the wig density, please kindly read on.

2. What is the wig density?

It means the wig thickness of a hair wig. Different hair density wigs have the same density of the frontal lace, different lines of hair bundles on the back. The more lines of hair bundles, the thicker a wig is.

3. How many different degrees of wig density?

Hair Density of hair wigs is divided into 5 levels: 130%, 150%, 180%, 200%, 250%. 130% density is too thin to stop selling on our website. If you don’t like thick hair wigs, 150% density is your great choice, and it is also suitable for short bob wigs. Most people like 180% density, as it is not too thick or too thin. The hair wigs will be thicker with releasing percent.

The Knowledge of Wig Density

4. How to select a suitable wig density?

There are many influencing factors, including different hair textures, hair lengths, seasons, and personal preferences.

1) Winter is more suitable for wearing thick hair wigs, and on the contrary, summer is better to wear a thin hair wig.

2) Short hair wigs may need to choose thin hair density, and long hair wigs can select the thicker hair density.

3) Different people have different feelings of the thickness of hair wigs, you just need to choose the one which makes you feel most comfortable.

4) Of course, if you still don’t know which one to choose, you can please come to contact us, we will advise our sincere recommends.

5. Besides, everyone's expectation for density is different, some of our customers think 150% is very full, but some even think 250% is thin. As we have our density standards, and the weight of our every product is up to the standard strictly.

That’s all the information of the hair density, now let’s start shopping!