The Mistakes You May Make When Buy Or Wear Wigs

No matter old customers or new customers, all will make some mistakes when buy or wear wigs. Web shoppers choose to shop online because they want as little hassle as possible. But all these mistakes can cause some inconvenient things, or give you a bad buying experience. It's something we are very weary of. Today’s article will demystify these common mistakes, and provide some solutions that should help ordinary buyers sidestep these problems.

  1. The Mistakes When Buy Wigs

1) Didn’t Do Brand Investigation Before Buying Wigs

  Now the network information is developed, you can use search engines to find the information you need. Doing some brand investigations before buying wigs is necessary. You need to gain an understanding of a hair brand and check if these hair products suit you.

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2) Only Care About The Price When Buy Wigs

  When you buy things, you need to be increasingly clear. Although price is one of many crucial factors to consider, you'd probably better consider more than just price when you are looking at the other options. The higher the price means the higher the quality. Product quality is the key. All of our hair products are made of high quality 100% human virgin hair, so the prices won't be very cheap. Because the international raw commodity prices and manual fees of hair products more generally have risen. If you got a human hair wig at a very cheap price, you need to consider that your supplier may cut corners in production methods.

3) Didn’t Confirm The Delivery Time Before Placing Order When You’re in A Hurry

  Due to the uncertain production time. Some hair especially wigs may take some time to process, then can ship, so please confirm delivery time first before placing orders. Sometimes, some customers will cancel the order if the delivery is postponed. So please kindly inform us in advance to confirm the delivery time if you are hurried to get the wig.

4) Didn’t Check The Product Details Before Buying Wigs

Some people neglect to look closely at the details of products before buying them. Then they are dismayed to find that they bought something they really didn't want.

  Each hair product in Yolissa Hair will have a detailed view that displays the product description, a product image, price, and the quantity in stock. Some buyers bought some wrong wigs, because they didn’t check the product page carefully, and leave out lots of information, like hair colors, lace sizes, inner net of the lace, etc.

For example, some customers want to buy a 1b/#27 body wave lace front wig, but they didn’t check the item titles carefully. They got a wrong all #27 hair wigs without dark roots. Some people want to buy a 13x6 HD lace wig, but they didn’t check the product photos and products title description. They actually received the wrong HD 5x5 lace closure wig. The 13x6 lace frontals recently are different from the previous version. We also have updated the detailed photos on the website. But some customers did not pay attention to the product photos. They still thought this 13x6 lace frontal had a wide side. The middle of the new 13x6 lace frontal is deep, both sides are narrow. All the 13x6 lace frontals are all the same in the markets now. Please kindly check the product photos and title descriptions carefully. Any questions please consult customer service before buying.

 13x6 lace frontals

5) Didn’t Take Measurements Of Your Head Size In Advance

  Why do you need to take measurements in advance? Because the wrong size can make you uncomfortable and make a return, which is inconvenient. Some wigs have different capsizes, you need to measure the circumference of your head before buying. Any questions welcome to contact our customer service.

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6) Buy Wigs On Impulse, Then Regrets It

  Sometimes, people will shop more impulsively and make bad decisions when online. Or bought many things that you weren't planning on getting. People will regret it if they buy the wrong hair wigs. Think about the hair product you are about to buy before placing orders.

    2.The Mistakes When Wear Wigs

1) Wash And Care Wigs Irregularly

  All the hair wigs in Yolissa Hair are made of 100% human virgin hair. You need to maintain them like your own human hair. Wash and care the wigs regularly to get a usable life.

2) Too Much Coloring And Dying

  Too much coloring and dying can damage the wig easily. Including bleaching knots, coloring hairs, use purple shampoos to wash, etc. These may need professional guidance to help. And you need to use good quality dyes, master the proper care methods after dying.

3) Too Much Perming

  People always use hair curlers and flat irons to do hairstyles. High temperatures can damage hair wigs easier. These heat-styling tools will cause your hair wigs to become dry and break easily. We suggest you not do too much perm.

4) Sleep With Hair Wigs

  Most office workers sleep with hair wigs for convenience. But the friction between pillows and wigs will damage your hair wig. Your wigs will become frizzy and knot after all-night sleep gradually. You may need to take more time to do hair wig care. Besides, after wearing wigs for a long time, your scalp can’t breathe at night, it is also unhealthy. We suggest you put on a silk cap before sleeping, you can please buy it from us when checkout. And the best way is to take it off when sleep if you have time.

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