Natural wave has always been one of the hottest hair textures in the hair products market. Hair bundles and hair wigs with such hair texture are also usually preferred among our consumers. Our sales volume of the natural wave is on the top in the same profession of the international sales market, we continuously afford our top product and service to customers. You may wonder why is the natural wave so popular? This article will help you find out the reason.

The Star Water Wave in Yolissa Hair

1. The Advantages of Water Wave

Natural wave is also known as water wave, as the shape of the curls is just like its name, the wave is like the water ripples. Water wave hair products in Yolissa Hair have many advantages over those of our competitors. I will make a list below for your references.

1) The curls of water wave are not as tight as curly and also not as loose as loose wave. It can look fuller and thicker, can fit many face shapes perfect.

2) All the hair products in our store are made of 100% unprocessed virgin hair. In order to perform some functions of quality assurance and avoid shedding and tangling. Besides, the water wave hair wigs are using physical methods for processing, do not add any chemicals, are 100% natural hairs. So you will receive a natural hairstyle after wearing a water wave hair wig.

3) In addition to enjoying the original natural style, you also could do other different hairstyles, like changing other hair textures or hair colors. One water wave hair wig can satisfy you to try on different hairstyles. Of course, you also need to care for it as well as your own hair in a proper way, normally a water wave wig can last at least one year.

2. Various Types of Water Wave Wigs

Various Types of Water Wave Wigs

1) Lace Front Wigs

  The more natural and real look takes water wave lace front wigs to the top of all hair products. The lace frontal covers the forehead from ear to ear make the hairline look more real. We highly recommend our star product: Water Wave Long Lace Front Wig.

2) Lace Closure Wigs

The water wave lace closure wig has a different lace area with a lace front wig. The width of the lace that covers the forehead is not as wide as the lace frontal. So the water wave lace closure wig will be easier to install, even no need to use glue. As a friendly lace wig for beginners, the price of water wave lace closure wig is also more competitive than others. It is good and worth buying.

3) Short Bob Wigs

  Short Bob wigs are a new trend recently, water wave match short bob style, make the hair fluffy, reflect people young and chic. You can’t miss it if you always follow the fashion.

4) Pure & Ombre Lace Wigs

  Colorful hair colors reflect your colorful life. Nowadays, the original natural black hair color can’t satisfy people anymore. In Yolissa Hair, we can offer various different hair colors for your choice. By the way, if you have any other special colors which are not available on the website, you also can contact us, we offer customized service, will reply as soon as possible once we get the message.

3. Water Wave Combo

As our star products, we have put water wave wigs in five combo wigs. Combo wigs mean you only need to pay one can get two or three different wigs. For more details, you can check our wigs combo page.

Water Wave Combo

4. Special Discount For Water Wave

Special Discount For Water Wave

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