The best wholesale vendor for bundles and wigs by Black Friday

Now more and more people have started getting into the hair extension industry cause the hair market is very hot and also creates significant profit. 2021 Black Friday is on the corner, many hair vendors offer the lowest price on the hair, so when you are entering this exciting industry, one thing you need to consider first: how to find a good hair vendor during the Black Friday sale?

The best wholesale vendor for bundles and wigs by Black Friday

According to reports that the hair extension and human hair wig industry will grow to a whopping $10 billion by 2023, which mean if you need to compete and win, no matter you have been doing hair business for a while or are just a newbie who starts to sell hair, finding a good hair vendor will be on your top list. Please dont worry now, Yolissa hair will be here to help you, with those steps as follows, you can find the best wholesale vendor for bundles and wigs by Black Friday.

1. Thinking About Hair Business Plan

Making a plan is a very important and essential step before you want to do something. So before starting your hair business, you need to consider what kind of business you want to do. Do you want to be a small hair retailer or a big hair distributor? If you want to do be a major hair wholesaler, then you need to take more time to search for virgin hair vendors. You need to choose a supplier that owns a factory or a local warehouse to meet your various needs on the hair. The advantage of being a big hair dealer is that you can negotiate prices with the vendors, which can make you order the hair at a more affordable price, and become more competitive on the hair market. As a new business, the safe way is to try small orders to ensure the hair is with good quality. If you are going to order in bulk in the future, make sure the vendor can catch up with your demands on the hair.

2. Starting Your Research And Making A Shortlist

Many people start to find hair on AliExpress cause of the low price and MOQ(minimum order quantity). It is a pity that there are so many hair and vendor, it is very hard for us to find out which vendor is best for us. But having a research strategy is still important, the point is to have a plan and keep your mind clear. AliExpress isnt your only choice. You can do several searches via Google, social media, and read reviews about them, then put their website, email address and phone number into your list.

3. Get To Know The Vendors And Ask Questions

When you order some hair from one vendor, you should trust them and also feel assured. You can contact the vendors on your list via email, but most of the hair vendors are in other countries, email may take time for them to reply or to their spam box, which they may miss, so contacting via Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage will be good choices, messages can be replied in time, if needed, you can also have a video call with them. And when you talk to the vendors on your list, If you dont know what kind of questions you need to ask, here is the list of essential questions you need to know:

How long has your company been in businessAre you a factory or trader?

Is your hair virgin hair? What virgin of your hair? How long does your hair last?

Can your hair be washed, conditioned, dyed, bleached, and straightened?

Do you offer free samples? If not, whats your MOQ?

Whats the wholesale price? Do you offer a discount for a wholesale order?

Can you accept packaging customization? Like labels, tags, silk bags, etc.

What kind of payment do you take? Do you accept PayPal payment?

How long after the payment the order ship out and how long does shipping take?

Whats your return policy?

The best wholesale vendor for bundles and wigs by Black Friday

4. Making Sample Order And Testing Hair Quality

After you collect all information from the vendors, the next step is to test the hair quality. At first, you need to ask the vendor to see if they offer free samples, requesting samples is important and reasonable before you buy in bulk. If the vendor doesnt offer free samples, it is also okay and understandable, then you can make a small sample order first. When you are making a sample order, you need to consider what kind of hair you need, bundles with closure, and frontal or human hair wigs. We will suggest you can try bundles first and you can try the straight and wavy bundles. When you receive the samples, you can choose some strands of hair to burn first to check if they are 100% human hair, then you can dye them, bleach them, curl them, straighten them to see how well they are holding up.

5. Starting Hair Business And Choosing Suitable Payment Methods

After testing the sample order and you are happy with the quality, you can still place a small order with the vendors to make sure the sample order is not a bait, cause many of the vendors will send good hair to you first time, but the quality is not the same in your next order. To avoid this situation, you can still order a small quantity with the vendor, if the quality is still the same as the sample, next time you can consider making big order with them. After everything is done and you have got some good vendors, then you can start your hair business and choose suitable payment for your business. Now, most hair owners choose PayPal payment, cause PayPal can ensure the account safety and also protect buyersinterest if the hair is not as described. Most of the hair suppliers accept PayPal, but Western Union, Bank Transfer, MoneyGram is also available, and if you are from USA, some vendors can accept Zelle or Cashapp.

The best wholesale vendor for bundles and wigs by Black Friday

One of the other important tips is to have a losses budget. You need to speed time and money on trying different hair vendors. Not every vendor will fit you, it will take some sample orders for you to pick up the good ones. So you need to decide your budget and understand that you may lose some money in this process. So here is a good way that you can try some hair from the vendorswebsite or shop directly before you contact them, especially during the Black Friday sale period, many vendors offer the lowest discount, some of the prices on their website may be lower than their wholesale price. Here are some good recommendations if you are the first time try the hair vendor.

613 Blonde Lace Front Wigs

With the development of the times, more and more people tend to choose colored wigs. 613 blonde wig is one kind of colored wigs and getting more and more popular. 613 hair is bleached from natural black hair to achieve the golden yellow color. It needs the vendor to have skilled workers to process it, so it can reflect the hair quality and is also a good choice for you to choose a good hair vendor.

The best wholesale vendor for bundles and wigs by Black Friday

Transparent Lace Wigs

Good transparent lace wigs can help to solve all kinds of hair problems for women in different skins. Normal transparent lace wig was made by transparent lace frontal or closure with human hair extensions and can bring the most natural-looking. Transparent lace wigs can create a natural hairline, when compared with undetectable HD lace wigs, they wont be totally transparent and invisible, but it still wont affect people choosing them cause of the affordable price. So if you are under a limited budget to try a hair vendor, you cant miss transparent lace wigs.

The best wholesale vendor for bundles and wigs by Black Friday

Lace Frontal wigs

When talking about human hair lace frontal wigs, mostly it means 13x4 lace front wigs and 13x6 lace front wigs, and also 360 lace front wigs. Lace frontal wig is made by the ear-to-ear frontal with 100% virgin hair bundles. A good lace frontal wig allows you to change your parting space, no matter you want to do the middle part, side part, or any free part, and can offer a full and natural-looking hairline. So if you want to start a hair business and earn clients, you can also try lace frontal wigs.

The best wholesale vendor for bundles and wigs by Black Friday

As the hair business is growing fast and fast by year, so you need to know the steps to find the best hair vendor. If you are looking for a reliable wholesale virgin hair vendor, no matter you are a newbie, a hair stylist, salon owner, hair store owner, or you are doing virginal hair online business, Yolissa Hair will be always at service for you during Black Friday hair sale . And you can please check the Yolissa Hair Black Friday Bundles & Wigs Package Deals on wholesale page.