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In 2020, bangs style goes viral on Instagram, Pinterest and many other social mediums. It’s not so surprised that it’s on trend again after 70s since it’s such a cute style which can retouch face, making us young and sweet. To let every girl can try this style, Yolissa Hair has released a new human hair product,machine made wigs with bangs, so you don’t have to worry whether your hair is enough long or thick to cut bangs. Before you try this new hairstyle, you must read this article. Yolissa Hair has answered the important questions about bangs hairstyles. Let’s explore the bohemian romantic hairstyle together.


Q: Who you suggest for this style?

A: Everyone! The bangs can fit every one as long as you style it properly. Here are some suggestions for you according to your face shape.

Side swept bangs work best for Diamond face shape. Full 70s style bangs is friendly to Square faces. If you are oval face, you’re lucky because you can rock all the bangs styles well. Girls with Round faces should get into side-swept or full blunt bangs.


Q: Is there any bangs hairstyle for reference?

A: Yesss. Below are some popular styles Yolissa Hair recommends to you. Hope it can gives you some hairstyle inspirations.


1.Full Blunt Bangs

It matches perfectly with medium to long hair. The curve of bangs modifies your forehead, reflecting the femininity. Even the bony face will become softer with this style.

Full Blunt Bangs

2. 70s Style Bangs

If you worn bangs slightly side-swept or middle-parted, it’s called 70s style bangs which is French Chic. It’s not only more casual but also more romantic.

70s Style Bangs

3. Side Bangs 

It’s the easiest bangs style which actually fit any face shape and any hair length from long to uber short, pixie cut hair. Only using the wax and flat iron, you can get this style in 5 mins.

Side Bangs

 4. Half Up And Half Down Style

Half up and half down hairstyle is well received among girls. It also work well with bangs style, giving a energetic vibe!

Half Up And Half Down Style

 5. Curly Bangs

If you are a big curly hair fans, you can’t miss this sexy and wild curly machine made wig with bangs style! It’s such an eye-catching style that even Rihanna has tired it for times. Just think how impressive she is with blonde curly bangs styles and red bangs curly hair style.

 curly wig with bangs

Q: Where can I get the wig with bangs?

A: Check Yolissa Hair www.yolissahair.com. Yolissa Hair has wigs with bangs in many colors not only black. 99J, shiny Blonde and other colored machine made wigs with bangs are also available. As for the texture, you can find straight, water wave, curly wigs with bangs in Yolissa Hair. If you have any other requirements, please contact us! We provide custom service to meet all your demands. 

 Tired of Your Hairstyle? Try Something New!

Above are all the Q&A for new hairstyle, bangs. If you have more questions or want to share your ideas with us, please leave comments below. Welcome you to share your bangs styles on our Instagram @yolissa_hair. Hope you can be more and more beautiful, unique with Yolissa Hair.