Hi, Beauties,

What wig are you wearing? Hey, a lace wig is not your only choice now! Supernatural U Part Wig is another good choice! It’s not only easy to wear and pull off, but also nice and affordable. Yolissa Hair has prepared detailed guidance for you all. Let’s get into it!

u part wig is back

1.What Is A U Part Wig?

There is a U shaped opening at the top of the wig which is used to blend the wig hair with your natural hair, helping to create a supernatural hairline. U Part Wig can thicken and lengthen your hair in a natural way. Wearing a U Part Wig, you will be surprised to find that it’s just like your own hair.

 what is u part wigs

2.U Part Wig VS Lace Wig

Compared with the lace wig, there is no lace on U Part Wig. No wig cap and glue is needed to wear it. Therefore, it won’t damage your edges. But to blend your hair with the wig hair, some heat is unavoidable unless you choose a texture that is similar to your natural hair. Each product has its pros and cons. As long as it meets your needs, it’s the right choice for you.

3. How To Wear U Part Wig

Is installing U Part Wig a huge project? No! You can finish it within 10mins! The simple Steps below help you to learn how to slay it perfectly.

how to install u part wigs

Step1 Measure Head

Put the U Part Wig around your head to decide the crown area which will go over the wig. You should choose medium to long hair so that non of the wig track will be shown.

Step2 Braid

Part your hair an inch section at a time and then braid each of part done. After braiding,  intertwine braids on the side and back into each other and then pin them so that they can lay flat as possible on the head. Please notice that if you’re going to wear the wig for a long time, you should make the braids thinner; if you want to take it off easier, you should make the braids thicker.

Step3 Install & Style

Attach the U Part Wig around the crown area by the clips coming with the wig. Undo the front braids and hair on the crown area, then blends them with the wig hair. If you choose a texture that is different from your natural hair texture, you need to use irons to style them in order to match your hair wig texture with your natural looks.

4. Where To Buy It?

Like lace wig, there are two main types of U Part Wig, human hair wig and synthetic wig. Human Hair U Part Wig would be the best choice since it’s more durable and natural at an affordable price! Yolissa Hair, a 100 % human hair company, focuses on all human hair products including U Part Wig. You can find U Part Wig in all textures here yolissahair.com. At the same time, there are many hair colors for your options. What’s more, Yolissa Hair offers 15 Days no reason refund. Please rest assured to buy. Welcome you to try Yolissa Hair!