Update Of Body Wave Wig
When people talk about changing hairstyles, human hair wigs will be an essential choice even though they are of different ages. With more and more different and gorgeous wig styles blooming in the market, people have more chances to choose the hair wig that can fit them well. During various human hair lace front wig styles, the body wave style is one of the top preferences among customers all the time and plays an overwhelming role in customers' choices. Today, we will talk about the body wave texture in detail.

When talking about the body wave wig, people can imagine the flowing “s” waves. With the S shape, the body wave wig will look elegant, sexy, and charming. Yolissa Hair updated the production process of the body wave wig, and now we introduce the upgraded body wave with you.

1. Characteristics and features of the upgrade Body Wave
The upgraded body wave wig comes pre-curled with very bouncy waves, which have a causal and relaxed look. After people combing and letting the curls scatter, the hair will become a loose texture.

updated body wave wigs

2. Difference between the traditional body wave and the upgraded body wave
The two body wave wigs both have beautiful wave texture. The main difference is the holding and maintaining of waves. The traditional body wave wig will lose its shape faster than the upgraded body wave wig. After some days of use or washing, the traditional body wave wig texture might become looser, or even straight, and people have to restyle the body wave texture by using curing irons. For the newly upgraded body wave texture, when we make the hairs, we define the hair waves and finalize the wave design, so under such conditions, the textures of the upgraded body texture can be maintained for a long time.

HD Lace Wigs

3. Highly recommended body wave wig
Yolissa Hair prepares different styles of wigs to meet different needs, the natural black body wave wig is definitely the hot-selling one. About the lace sizes, there are 5x5 closure wig sizes, 13x4 lace frontal wig, and 13x6 lace frontal wig sizes. If people are new to the lace wig installation, the 5*5 lace size is recommended. With less lace size, the 5*5 lace closure wig will be more easy to install and remove. And the price of the lace closure wig is friendly for people on a budget. If people prefer a whole natural hairline and want to part the hair in different and large spaces, they can choose the 13*4 or 13*6 lace frontal wig.

As for the lace, the transparent lace and HD lace are listed for customers to pick. The transparent lace is suitable for customers who are with light skin tones. The thin HD lace can melt and blend with all the skin colors well. If people want to achieve a skin-like and undetectable look, the HD lace wig will be a good choice. Furthermore, considering different customers have different pursuits for the style they want to achieve, we prepare hair from 14 inches to 36 inches in length. People can choose short-length wigs or long-length wigs accordingly.

Body wave wigs

Kind reminder: we arrange the shipment of the two kinds of body wave wigs randomly. If customers want to get the specific texture, please leave us comments that you need that texture wig, and then we will arrange the order and ship the hair accordingly.

Besides the body wave wig, Yolissa Hair also offers various other hair textures, like silky straight wigs, and different curly wigs, such as water wave wigs, deep wave wigs, loose deep lace front wigs, and curly wigs. Customers can choose and order the hair according to their specific preferences and desires. People can come to Yolissa's website and order the hair they like.