What Is Real HD Lace Wig

HD stands for high definition, an HD lace wig means a wig made of HD lace closure or frontal, which is virtually and undetectable when applied to your scalp. HD lace is the thinnest and lightest lace, it can melt into different skin perfectly, which makes the hairline looks more natural, and people won't realize you are wearing a wig.

HD lace wigs are the latest and great innovation in the wig industry, when you’re thinking about investing in an HD lace wig, you need to know how to tell a real HD lace wig. So knowing the difference between a transparent lace wig and a real HD lace wig will be the first thing.

(1) Edges
When you compare HD lace wigs and transparent lace, the first thing you will notice is the lace edge. Real HD lace is with irregular and serrated edge, but transparent lace is with regular and
neat edge.

Edges of HD lace

(2) Thickness
Transparent lace is regular thin Swiss lace, which is 0.25mm, but the Real HD lace is ultra thin, which is only 0.11mm. HD lace is the thinnest lace, which is very soft and comfortable to wear.

how thin the real HD lace is

(3) Visibility
Although both transparent lace wigs and HD lace wigs are known for their abilities of transparency. Transparent lace wig can fit most skin tones, the skinlike HD lace wig offers a more invisible and undetectable look when compared to a transparent lace wig. HD lace can melt into all skin tones well, no matter whether your skin color is white, yellow, light brown, dark brown, or others.

Visibility of real HD lace

Okay, now you can tell the transparent lace wig and real HD lace wig clearly, but there are so many different HD lace wig vendors online, so you may wonder where to find the top quality HD lace wigs. Yolissa Hair has been in the hair industry for more than 10 years. We'll be the best choice. Except for the advantages of real HD lace wigs, there are many other good points on our HD lace wigs.

(1) 100% Human Hair
All Yolissa Hair HD lace wigs are made of top-grade virgin hair with healthy ends, 100% true to length, and no tangle or shedding. All of the cuticles are in one direction, which can last long with good daily care. At the same time, it can take heat and color well, which also means you can do different hairstyles you like. If you don’t want to restyle, we also have different HD lace wigs, like straight wigs, body wave wigs, curly wigs, water wave wigs, deep wave wigs, etc.

(2) Pre-Plucked Hairline
Pre-plucked hairline is more natural and time-saving. Yolissa Hair HD lace wigs are all pre-plucked natural hairline. People don’t do extra customization, which can save time and money. With baby hair around, this makes the hairline looks natural and realistic, which presents a more natural looking.

(3) Smallest Single Knots
What is the single knot? Single Knot is the smallest knot that only has 1 strand of hair. So the knots are tiny and invisible, which makes the HD lace looks more undetectable. When you wear the HD lace wigs from Yolissa Hair, people won’t realize that you are wearing a wig, just like your natural hair.

Now after a good knowledge of Yolissa Hair HD lace wigs, there are many different types of HD lace wigs in Yolissa Hair store, what should you choose? We have some good recommendations about the most popular HD lace wigs among our clients.

Body Wave HD Undetectable Lace Wigs
Body wave wig is one of the most popular and classic wigs among black women. Of course, it also sells very well in our store, which has soft undetected high-quality HD lace and invisible knots. All of the wigs are made of 100% human hair in good quality, available from 14inch to 36inch, no matter whether you like short wigs or long wigs, you can find the one you need.

long wigs

Short Curly Human Hair HD Lace Wigs With Full And Thick Look
If you’re fond of short wigs, then this short curly HD lace wig will be the perfect choice. With 200% and 250% density available, this will present a full and thick look, you can achieve a more charming beauty and attractive appearance. And 5×5 HD lace closure wigs and 13×4 HD lace frontal wigs are both available, you can choose according to your budget.

short wigs

613 Blonde HD Lace Front Wigs
Some people like blonde lace frontal wigs, but it is very difficult to find a high-definition blonde lace wig that is suitable for all skin colors. Most of the 613 blonde lace frontal wigs in the market are with transparent lace, which usually fits light skin well. But it is not friendly to dark skin girls. No worries anymore, Yolissa Hair blonde HD lace frontal wigs are available now, which can melt into all different skin colors. And Yollissa Hair blonde hair enjoy a high reputation among our clients, cause our hair can take color well, you can restyle freely.

613 blonde wigs

By the end, you must have been an expert on what an real HD lace wig is. If you are ready to purchase an HD lace wig, Yolissa Hair has skinlike HD lace wigs with top-grade quality. Visit our official store now to get started. Never miss to register to enjoy more privileges.