What Is The Best Cheap Human Hair Wig?

These two years, coronavirus spread around the world, some factories closed and the material of human hair lace wigs are short in supply, which lead to hair price increasing. But people still need human hair wigs in daily life and to attend some important occasions, such as birthday parties, graduation, etc. With a limited budget, what is the best cheap human hair wig?

If you want to order some cheap human hair wigs but worried about the hair quality? There is no such doubt if you have a try of Yolissa Hair! To meet different customers, there are some types of human hair wigs at affordable prices.

1) Headband Wigs

A headband wig is easier to install and take off comparing with lace wigs. It is made with wefts and black ice silk fabric, which is soft and stretchy, also there is velcro at the back to fix the wig. What’s more, there is no need to worry about the capsize, the headband wig can be adjusted by the black ice silk fabric. If you order the headband wig, you will receive 3 various headbands. Different colors and patterns for you to choose from. Also, Yolissa Hair can do customization of colored headband wigs.

Here we have a recommendation of water wave headband wigs. As a best-selling headband wig on Yolissa Hair company, the water wave curls are similar to water ripples, so they have been named water wave wigs, have smaller curls, and have a natural look. If you want to have two different headband wigs, Yolissa can do two wigs in one set! Customers can choose different textures but the same length and density. The price is much lower than you order two wigs separately. Most importantly, there is an extra 8% discount for headband wigs, come and order a headband wig at a less price!

What Is The Best Cheap Human Hair Wig?

2) T Part Wigs

You may have a question when you see this word, what is the T part? As the name implies, the lace area is T shape, 13 inches wide, and has 5inch deep parting space, while it is not a lace frontal. Because of the smaller lace size, the T part wig price is much better than the 13x4 lace wig. But you can still have a natural hairline and leave the baby hairs in your front.

Now Yolissa Hair has a clearance sale #4/27 piano highlight wig, the wig is straight and 180% density, flash sale and 50% off. You have a choice of length from 12 inches to 24 inches. If you have a short budget and are eager to have a colored wig, you can try T part wigs.

What Is The Best Cheap Human Hair Wig?

3) U Part Wigs

Feel hassled to install a lace wig every day? Yolissa Hair U part wig can make the wig installation simple and glueless. There are 3 clips around the U part, you can pull your hair from the U part opening, also 2 clips at both sides to fix the wig on the head. The U part wig is a medium cap with elastic straps that can be adjusted, it is suitable for most customers. Well, your hair should be the same color as the U part wig, then you can make the wig look more natural. Of course, if you have colored hair and want to get a U part wig, please contact Yolissa Hair Service to contact the customization.

Here we suggest the straight U part wig, it is very easy to put on and take off. Just leave some of your hair from the U part and straighten the hair, no one can see that you are wearing a wig. Comparing to curly U part wigs, the straight wig is more popular because of the convenience to wear every day. Of course, you can choose different curly U part wigs, water wave wigs, deep wave wigs, and so on.

What Is The Best Cheap Human Hair Wig?

4) 5x5 Closure Wigs

If you still prefer to lace wig but cannot afford the larger lace front wig, a 5x5 closure wig is the best selection. It is 5 inches wide and 5 inches deep in lace size, which can do enough free parting space. Yolissa Hair has different types of 5x5 closure wigs, such as straight wigs, water wave wigs, and some other colored wigs as well as highlight wigs. Of course, you have a choice of HD lace and transparent lace also medium brown lace.

In Yolissa Hair company, the body wave 5x5 lace closure wig is very popular, loose curls are attractive and charming, but you can restyle to other curl patterns you want. For the length, you can get 16inch to 30 inches. Also 150% density to 250% density.

What Is The Best Cheap Human Hair Wig?

5) Flash Sale Bob Wigs

Flash Sale Bob Wigs are the cheapest wigs on the Yolissa Hair website. Special offer in a half-price and flash sale only 24 hours. The wigs are limited in quantity and limited time. Since they are already 50% off, you can not use other coupon codes anymore, still 100% human hair assured.

Here is a straight T part bob wig on flash sale. Only $45 you can own a 10inch 4x4 T part lace wig. Certainly, you can also get the 13x5 T part lace wig at the price of $55! Best price but good quality hair!

What Is The Best Cheap Human Hair Wig?

Reading these introductions, have you found the best cheap human hair wig you want? Headband wig or T part wig? Whichever you love, only when you receive the wig, you can see the cost performance at Yolissa Hair! Let’s go to Yolissa Hair and shop for a wig that amazes you!