What factors should we consider when buying lace wigs? It depends not only on your needs, such as hairstyle, color, length, etc., but also on whether or not the lace front wig fits you. To some extent, how well a lace front wig fits is a key factor when buying a lace wig.

What kind of lace wigs would suit you better?

Generally speaking, when we buy human hair wig, we need to consider the face shape, figure, wig quality and other factors. In my opinion, body shape is an important factor in buying wigs. So, how should we choose the right wig according to the figure?

The stature can be divided into short body, tall and skinny stature, dumpy stature and tall body. Here, I suggest the best hairstyles for different body types.

1.Hairstyle Of The Short

The person of short stature gives a person with small and exquisite impression, so should emphasize plump with charm when designing hairstyle.

From the overall proportion, should pay attention to the length of the impression of the establishment, it should not leave long hair and should not make the hair rough, fluffy.

You can use dish hair to increase height, and should consider how to make hair delicate.

2. Hairstyle Of The Tall And Skinny

This kind of figure is the figure that compares ideal, but easily produce the feeling with unclear eyebrows, perhaps be lack plump feeling. Accordingly, when choosing hairstyle, answer to make up for these inadequacy as far as possible. This figure is best worn long, not in a high bun or cut too short.

3.Hairstyle Of The Dumpy

Dumpy people want to make up for their own shortcomings as much as possible, and emphasize the upward trend of the overall hair in the design of the hairstyle. Choose a short bob wig, do not wear long waves, long straight hair.

4.Hairstyle Of The Tall

This kind of hairstyle is on the design, answer to go after easy, healthy, free and easy beauty hard, reduce big and coarse impression. Had better with simple short hair, but to straight long hair, long wave, coil hair, medium short hair do also can be used as appropriate. Avoid complicated hairstyles.

In addition, choose a hairstyle also pay attention to the characteristics of the neck. Long neck for a slightly longer, wavy hairstyle; People with short necks comb their hair back from the neck and complete the back to expose the neck and make it look longer.

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